14 Foot Tall Bigfoot?

Posted by: Michael Krein on March 9th, 2013

Just been watching the rerun of the Olympic Peninsula episode–with all the snarky text boxes for added laughs. Amazingly this not very skeptical group that can’t find Bigfoot had a very hard time swallowing a recreation that indicated a Sasquatch might be 11 feet tall. They all wanted to discount this sighting due to height. Ranae was predictably incredulous, but there was Matt saying Bigfoot doesn’t get that tall. And Cliff was wondering if maybe it was standing on the log Ranae stood on.

Hey wait a moment you guys (and gal)! Since when did you all get to do a height survey on the Bigfoot population? And since when, Ranae, was it scientific to throw out evidence because it didn’t fit your expectations of something whose existence you don’t even think is credible???

First off, we know that the average height of a full grown male is in the neighborhood of 9 feet based on the preponderance of sightings for the past half century. In humans, the average height is under 6 feet, and yet we have many basketball players that stand well over 7. So do the math–11 feet is not that far out of the norm–in fact, I would be incredulous if, in a species where the adult male regularly stands 9 feet plus tall, there were not at least a few 10 and 11 footers. Something would be wrong–very wrong, and scientific eyebrows should be rising if we never had a sighting over 9 feet.

Sheesh I wish scientists could do real science!

Now, let’s talk experience. No, I haven’t seen one. But I have talked to eye witnesses who claim to have seen not just your usual alpha male 9 footer, but also 10 and 11 footers. I am not going to disbelieve them just because they say they witnessed an individual a couple feet taller than most reports of a creature that most people are not willing to admit even exists.

Now in my experience, I have developed a rule of thumb. I’ll call it KREIN’s rule of thumb since I’ve never heard anyone else mention it. Simply this: the height of a Bigfoot in feet can be roughly judged by dividing the footprint length in inches in half. Which is to say, your 9 foot Bigfoot is going to leave a track of 18 or 19 inches. Your 14 inch print is likely a 7 foot female. Your 16 inch an 8 foot male. Your 12 inch a 6 foot adolescent. You get the idea. Oh, and that’s roughly true for humans, too.

Now when I ran into a 30 minute old trackway of 12 inch prints in Siskiyou, I was already reckoning there was probably a 6 foot adolescent somewheres about. When I found nearby a 22 inch print (which BTW was 8 inches across the balls of the foot), it gave me pause. Because I knew that that was not the footprint of a 9 footer, but that it’s maker likely stood 11 feet tall. (One cannot help but be awestruck looking at such a large print.)

There is a 22 or 23 inch footprint cast in the Willow Creek museum, and that was not made by a 9 footer either.

So, yes, Matt, Ranae, Cliff and Bobo, there are 11 foot tall Bigfoots, IF there are any Bigfoots at all.

Discounting a report because it has tangible signs of hoaxing is one thing, discounting a report because it doesn’t fit into your preconceived view of an unproven creature is not good investigative or observational skill and also not scientific.

Oh, one last observation, Patty left a 14 inch track, and most think she was in the height range of 6.5 to 7 feet tall. And oh just one more–there are quite a number of reports of Sasquatch in Canada exceeding 11 and 12 feet tall. I even recall one report measuring out at 14 feet. Now that seems too tall, but let’s not just throw it out until we actually factually know all about Bigfoot.

About Michael Krein
Mike participated in Bigfoot field research for many years while his health permitted. He has never been privileged to see a Bigfoot, but he has heard them and found their footprints in the wildernesses of Northern California. He founded the Bigfoot list now on Yahoo in 1999. He is trained and educated in physics and astronomy and enjoyed a career in aerospace engineering. He is also a musician and composer and is still actively composing, here is his website: musicseria

19 Responses to “14 Foot Tall Bigfoot?”

  1. Dr Kaco responds:

    Ahhh variables…Don’t ya just love it! I totally understand where you’re coming from here. Statistics can be a useful tool indeed. There is also the component of size Misjudgment. I’ve seen a few shows on TV where witnesses in fact totally misjudged a sighting whether it is a Sasquatch, a Moth man or even an American Alligator. For example on ‘Gator Boys’ I have noticed when people call in and report that they have a 10 foot alligator, it’s actually 5-6 feet upon arrival. Now size misjudgment is not always the case but it is a rather frustrating element when analyzing any kind of paranormal data, reports, and stories.

  2. slappy responds:

    everyone knows that eyewitness reports of ANYTHING are the least reliable evidence to prove anything.

    the track divided by 2 rule is unscientific made-up nonsense.

    if bigfoot exists, it has to abide by the laws of physics and physiology. there is nothing… NOTHING in nature that is analogous to a 14-foot tall bipedal animal. the difficulty that such a creature would have just moving through the forest would be incredible and a huge detriment to survival. something that large would lumber about and would not be an effective predator. natural selection would eliminate such a beast in no time, especially in environments such as north america.

    if there is a bigfoot, there certainly is no such thing as a population of 14-foot tall creatures. the average shoulder height of an elephant is nearly 11 ft, a giraffe is 16+ feet, and those creatures walk on four legs.

  3. sasquatch responds:

    So the average male bigfoot would be about this big?

  4. squatchman responds:

    Finding bigfoot is awesome!!!!

  5. sasquatch responds:

    Really Slappy?… Kodiak bears and Polar bears are over 10 feet tall when standing on two legs..they seem to be doing alright…
    Not that I think their are 14 foot bigfoots-just maybe 11-12 footers tho’. 7 1/2 foot humans have done just fine in the NBA. Manute Bol,
    is one.

  6. dconstrukt responds:

    pretty cool tracks… here’s what i dont understand…

    if its a walk way…. that means people would be walking it right?

    if these things are supposed to be so elusive and NOT want to be seen…. why would it walk on a walkway?

    wouldn’t it try and AVOID these things?

    to me, that doesn’t make sense.

  7. Goodfoot responds:

    dconstrukt: Not necessarily. I’ve read many accounts of Bigfoot sightings in fairly populated areas. Maybe no one was around and… OH, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Are we talking about FINDING BIGFOOT AGAIN? SHAME on us.

    I personally can accept accounts of Bigfoots of 8 feet. 9 I might take with a grain of salt. Anything more and my mind reels. HOW DOES SOMETHING OF THAT SIZE get around in deeply forested areas? Someone will bring up grizzlies. I know, I know. But grizzlies are BEARS, not anthropoids.

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    could you imagine seeing something thats like 30-50% BIGGER than the PG film one?


  9. Iceman responds:

    First: To the one called “sasquatch”: you rock for pulling a still from a Sinbad film. Second: This footprint rule is fascinating on a personal level, because up until now, I had absolutely no idea that I was a dwarf!

  10. sasquatch responds:

    Thanks Iceman!, I’m a huge Ray Harryhausen fan and a stop motion animator myself…Check out a new film called Sinbad the 5th Voyage…I built the crab monster. Ron Cole did incredible animation of many cool creatures including my crab, So “old school” is making a comeback! With added motion blur we think it looks BETTER than CGI.

    Back on Topic; if you go to Colorado sightings on the BFRO (I think or maybe GCBO) there’s a report of a 10 or 12 foot bigfoot above Golden, and a footprint find of 22″ inch tracks in the southern mountains.

  11. slappy responds:

    @sasquatch, bears are four-legged animals. please show me the population of kodiak bears that spend their days walking on two legs. not the ones who occasionally stand on their back legs just get a look around or reach some food, but those miraculous bears that perambulate bipedally. i’ll wait…

  12. sasquatch responds:

    True Slappy but; Here’s something to think about-the numerous reports of Sasquatch moving on all 4’s-AND I think they do it a lot more than we realize-because when they are lower to the ground they are probably mistaken for bears, if the distance is long enough or the sight lines are partially obscured. Also, I’m sure there are many times when Sasquatch are near humans but are not seen at all because they moved away quadruped-ally under cover of brush or smaller trees etc…

    Anyway, I also have my doubts about 14 ft. tall Bigfoots But, don’t totally discount it.

    I think it’s premature to think we know everything about what shares the planet with us.

    As “True Giants” postulates; maybe there are different versions of what we’d lump into Bigfootville. I’m thinking of Pygmies compared to Nordic viking types (you can see on WWE Wrestling shows)…or even Masais and Watusis that live on the same continent as they do!…Yet all humans are from the same stock and can mate and reproduce with each other.

  13. Kopite responds:


    T-rex was bipedal and that was taller than any alleged sasquatch.

  14. corrick responds:

    sasquatch, like you I’m a big fan of Harryhausen movies. But they are only fantasy.
    Instead of reading every book or eyewitness report about bigfoot you might try reading some proven science.

    What slappy writes is true. Even IF there was an unknown homonid in NA, that it could exceed 8 feet in height is absurd. “True” giants both men and bigfoot just don’t exist. And never have.

  15. Goodfoot responds:

    sasquatch: I personally believe Bigfoots are hominids, and walk upright, true to their heritage. But I also believe they probably walk on all fours up steep slopes. WHY? Because, like most humans, I’ve had to resort to it to myself.

    LOOK. I strongly disbelieve, though Jeff Meldrum believes otherwise (though I respect him greatly) that we are talking about a “North American Ape”. I think, in the absence of apes anywhere else (so far as is known) in the New World, we must be dealing with what I would call PEOPLE, just as the Indians term them “Indians”.

  16. Goodfoot responds:

    corrick: I also think 11-to-14 foot Bigfoots are counter to zoology. But I certainly can accept the possibility of 8 1/2 foot ones. That’s not too much greater than the outlier of human range, after all. And a larger-framed, honkin’-large Northe American primate? That doesn’t seem too big to moi.

    But I have to choke down reports of Bigfoots of such outlandish size as 12-14 feet. How do they get AROUND, man? Wouldn’t they be beset by the same musculo-skeletal ailment as human giants, not to mention the strain on their immense hearts?

  17. sasquatch responds:

    Strain on their immense hearts? How do elephants, rhino’s, hippo’s, 25 foot crocodiles, giraffes, bison, moose, horses, camels, kodiak and polar bears do it?

    Oh, by the way; they also have musculatures that are supported (and vice versa) by equally substantial bone structures.

    BECA– USE of the fact that some of you guys insist on Bigfoot being one of us, you leave very little room for differences that COULD make them able to deal with many physics related issues that other large animals don’t even think twice about.

    Male gorilla’s can exceed 500 lbs…how do they move so quickly?

    And how do their immense hearts deal with the strain?

  18. DWA responds:

    It would be nice to confirm the totally plausible animal thousands of people have seen and continue to see.

    This is the sort of thing that happens when mainstream science abandons the spirit of inquiry. Their fault, really.

  19. sasquatch responds:

    Meldrum is one of the only guys out there from “mainstream science” that seems to have a little of that spirit left. Sad.

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