Bigfoot North Radio: Meldrum Responds

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 4th, 2014

Listeners addressed their concerns and questions to Dr. Jeff Meldrum after the first Bigfoot North Radio show.

He responded in a thread on Facebook:

David Rodriguez: Jeff, do you mind my strong criticisms? I’ve been following that person’s claims since 2006 as they come out. I’ve seen how he operates. I’ve documented much of his record.

Already what we heard last night was science being told ‘no’ in that you weren’t allowed to share what you experienced. Why? Because it needs to be saved. For what? The movie? The first example of science having two masters.

Of course another reason for this will probably be given by Standing, that’s how he works.

Its funny he has never ever shared until last night this reason for the name Sylvanic. I’d like to see the spelling for the original. Oh yeah, it makes all sorts of sense in that its similar in how the term Sasquatch was first termed. How convenient, but is it factual? Time will tell I supposeā€¦

The layers go much deeper then one normally expects

Don Jeffrey Meldrum: The first example of science having two masters??? Are you serious? You obviously are unfamiliar with the history of science, past and present.

I signed a nondisclosure agreement before going up there. He is putting together a feature film in hopes of financing a long-term project involving those of us who still have day-jobs. The potential outlets don’t want the cat out of the bag too soon. Stop being so melodramatic, for pity’s sake.

Like I said — my association in this capacity as a radio co-host so not be construed as an endorsement of everything Todd has said or done. I remain agnostic on many points and will until I have the means to evaluate them thoroughly. I think Todd made it clear that I came to his site with a lot of questions and a critical approach. Many questions remain.

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One Response to “Bigfoot North Radio: Meldrum Responds”

  1. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

    Real scientists don’t save their findings for movies. Nobody was like “Oh we might have found the Higgs boson, but we signed an NDE so you’ll just have to wait for the movie.”

    What’ll happen if they leak, they’ll get sued? So what if you get sued? You FOUND BIGFOOT. Or at least, claim you did.

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