Bipedal Bear = Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 8th, 2014

An interesting video is making the rounds of a bear walking bipedally.

Some skeptics (cough, cough, Sharon Hill) want to believe that this is a more plausible explanation for Bigfoot sightings than an “unknown human-like primate.” (Yeah, right).

Amazing. You can see it struggle on all fours and then adopt a two-footed gait. Therefore, a vertical walking bear is more plausible explanation than an unknown human-like primate to explain possible sightings of “Bigfoot”.Doubtful News

Dr. Jeff Meldrum addresses the differences between the two:

That bipedal bear video, …is a great opportunity to put this figure from my Sasquatch Field Guide to use. Can you distinguish the field marks that should be the basis of your identification?


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14 Responses to “Bipedal Bear = Bigfoot?”

  1. Alamo responds:

    There’s the pesky fact that a great many witnesses are avid outdoors people who know exactly what a bear looks like (even when it’s walking upright)… I didn’t have any trouble immediately recognizing it as a bear. Though I find it strange that it did so much upright walking, you could see how awkward it was for the bear (reminded me of a toddler)… probably knew he was in human territory and wanted to keep a look out.

  2. mandors responds:

    It is a vast, implausible overstatement to say that this upright bear walking video explains Bigfoot sightings. It looks nothing like the video, film and photo evidence out there of Bigfoot.

    On the other hand, it is interesting to ask does behavior like this explain dogman, wolfman, werewolf and similar sightings, noting the “pointed ears” and “dog-like” muzzle witnesses describe.

  3. chadgatlin responds:

    Guy in a suit.

    (Joking, of course.)

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    Great footage of a Black Bear that has taught itself to walk steadily on its hind legs to better enable it to forage in garbage cans and other suburban trash receptacles. Notice that when it gets into the brush/wooded areas, it drops down onto all fours and stands up again when approaching what it has learned is a possible food source. People who live around traditional bear habitat quickly learn to keep their trash/food items out of the reach of bears. They can perform all manner of mischief and damage when attempting to secure a food item and they will eat just about anything. If only we could get some Bigfoot footage anywhere near this quality…

    Great point by Manders about the upright bear locomotion and possible being mistaken as dogmen and wolfmen.

  5. Alamo responds:

    Looks like the bear has some sort of injury to it’s front paws… bless it’s heart. Poor creature looking through garbage cans to survive.

  6. chadgatlin responds:

    Funny, I joked but I see some are really questioning the authenticity.

  7. cryptokellie responds:

    To the contrary; bears are supreme opportunistic feeding specialists. They eat what ever they can find whether hunting, rooting or scavenging. Where human offerings are present in the form food stores or trash/waste, bears will take full advantage of what’s available to them. They will eat anything they can get. As to the injured paw comment, when walking on their hind legs, bears will very often (almost always) hold their front paws in at a downward angle like that. A quick check on You Tube will bear this tendency out…pun intended.

  8. Dr Kaco responds:

    Very interesting. Of course this doesn’t DEBUNK every Bigfoot video or picture but imagine if you saw that bear walking your way in the woods! Yikes, the human mind can see all types of things varying from person to person.

  9. gkingdano responds:

    Bigfoot in bear suit.

  10. Alamo responds:


    My comment had nothing to do with how the bear is holding it’s paws as it walks on two legs.. not sure where you got that. Observe carefully as it goes down on four legs and quickly goes back to two. Are you saying that amount of upright walking is normal?

    Seems the facts support my observation:

    “The New York Daily News reached out to the Jefferson Police Department. A woman told police they had seen the video, and there is an injured bear that has been seen around Jefferson.

    Bears with injured paws often walk on their hind legs, the report says.”

  11. Goodfoot responds:

    I find it absurd that anyone would actually believe that footage of a bear walking on its hind legs automatically proves that every Bigfoot sighting is a bear. Absolutely ridiculous on its face.

    Calling it a “reach” is a huge understatement.

  12. cryptokellie responds:

    The only thing this video proves is that it is much easier to film conclusive and good quality footage of Black Bears ambling around on their hind legs then it is to capture actual Bigfoot video footage of similar quality. That this video of a bear strolling along on its hind legs explains Bigfoot sightings is wishful thinking at best…lazy thinking at worst.

  13. cryptokellie responds:

    I live in PA. and see bears walking on hind legs but you are right that the report further states that an injured bear was seen in the area. I was referring to the downward angle that the paws were being held which is the norm for bears when moving on hind limbs. For the bear to be going on hind legs as a choice due to injury, both front paws would have be severely effected as a normally quadrupedal animal would still move faster and more effectively on three legs than on the hind legs alone and the bear wouldn’t be able run on two legs. Only Yogi and BooBoo can do that. Maybe Smokey too but I haven’t seen it. They can be trained to hop and kind of lope along on their hind legs in a fashion. I have seen that in the circus when I was a kid. That was when the circus had a Midway too, but that’s another story.

  14. DWA responds:

    Leave it to a scientist to supply the science (field guide. Hello!) and to Sharon Hill to ….er, do what she does.

    Anyone who thinks bipedal bears explain sasquatch reports just isn’t reading them.

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