Did Dyer Shoot a Bigfoot?

Posted by: Christopher Noël on March 26th, 2014

In the wake of the other night’s broadcast of “Shooting Bigfoot” on BBC Channel 4, here is my current thinking…

Here is my current viewpoint on the matter. Evidently, the “whole thing” was not a hoax, as many have claimed. But by the same token, it appears that I was wrong in believing that Dyer killed a Sasquatch on the night in question, for which I apologize. As we can see by the footage, however, Dyer did shoot (or shoot at) one from very close range, the same one that then retaliated against Morgan Matthews. Dyer was so close to achieving his goal on 9/6/12 that when he failed, his frustration led him to simply go ahead and pretend that he had succeeded, no matter the cost to others. Either that or he returned to the site and killed one at a later date.

Christopher Noël About Christopher Noël
Christopher Noël is the author of Sasquatch Rising 2013 and editor of the newly released anthology How Sasquatch Matters: Writers Respond to the New Natural Order. Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale. Noël is a freelance editor (ChristopherNoel.info) and lives with his daughter in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

16 Responses to “Did Dyer Shoot a Bigfoot?”

  1. marcodufour responds:

    This should be renamed Blair Witch Project meets Bigfoot….. Just as hyped and just as fake.

  2. plowboy1065 responds:

    Are you being serious? Not a single facial glimpse we see of Dyer’s “bigfoot” look anything similar to “Hank”

  3. gollumses responds:

    My guess is that while he may have shot or shot at a bigfoot, he made up “HANK”. Hank looks absolutely NOTHING like the creature in the “tent video”.

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    Put in its simplest terms…No.

  5. Peter Von Berg responds:

    So, er, excuse me for being so bold, but THIS is meant to prove something ?!? All I see is a lot of shadows, then at one point a guy running around in his shorts, and then a face that looks like Lee Marvin. Sorry, fellas, but this just doesn’t cut it. And , oh yes, as far as the two different looks of Bigfoot- next time get masks that match.

  6. shmargin responds:

    Really, so now the story changes again? Now there was a second camping trip to the homeless tent city behind home depot? And that is when Rick shot Bigfoot?

    That’s weird, because the homeless people that live there never talked about that when they were interviewed after the movie premiered. He was supposed to have the body then. Why would he say he shot it if he hadn’t.

    Everyone really needs to stop believing anything Dyer says. He is a liar, a hoaxer, and a felon.

    I want to believe in Bigfoot too, but I’m not willing to believe dyer’s constantly changing story and bad props just because I believe Bigfoot could be real. He is just going to make us all look bad, believe me

  7. Goodfoot responds:

    “Obvious”? What’s obvious to me is that Christopher Noel is perpetually susceptible to being gulled by sociopathic liars like Rick Dyer.
    Hint: NOTHING Rick Dyer says can be believed. If he said it was snowing out, I’d put on shorts and a t-shirt.

  8. AAU responds:

    You’ve lost all objectivity over the years Chris. It’s disappointing that you would fall for Dyer’s antics. I’m embarrassed for you for coming with that weak backpedal post, and hoping the fallout settles. You got lured into the money game a long time ago with Impossible Visits. What a disgrace.

  9. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Do you realize there are almost 2 million people in the San Antonio area? This is absolutely ridiculous. Last week it was posted here that Bigfoot was seen in the DFW Metroplex. I won’t be surprised when the reports start coming in about Sasquatches seen dumpster diving at Houston Hobby Airport. Because that’s what this is, absolute garbage.

  10. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL…. I cant even believe we’re STILL talking about this.

    if you look at his ‘proof’ ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE with an IQ over 20 will tell you its nonsense… then look at you like you’re an IDIOT for showing it to them.

    you can show this to a classroom of 1st graders and they’ll all agree.

    Some of you guys want to believe all this nonsense so badly…. its utterly amazing and sad to watch at the same time how you cast aside all forms of logic.

    mindboggling to say the least.

  11. NMRNG responds:

    I posted a review on Amazon of a Kindle essay-of-sorts that Christopher Noel published entitled “Shooting Bigfoot,” which starts out with a one page statement about Rick Dyer allegedly shooting the San Antonio bigfoot, and then adds a hodge-podge of about 20 pages of material from Noel’s last book Sasquatch Rising 2013 that was patched together in a less-than-coherent fashion. I criticized Noel for failing to tell anyone that Dyer was the fraud behind the 2008 Georgia bigfoot-corpse-in-an-icechest hoax and for failing to provide us with any information that tended to show his initial report – that Dyer shot a 9′ tall male sasquatch in San Antonio Texas in September 2012 – was true, including information about what happened to the body. I stated that it was naive to believe that Dyer actually killed a sasquatch because there would be no reason on earth why he would not have sold that body back in the fall of 2012 to a major media source for a lot of money and it would have become a major news story.

    Noel posted a comment criticizing me for not knowing that his essay was referring to the Minnows Film documentary “Shooting Bigfoot”, forgetting that he had altogether failed even to mention anything about this rather crucial bit of information – i.e. that the title referred to a film – in his Kindle publication. He began his comment with the following:

    “Thanks for the feedback, 90% of which will be obsolete in nineteen days, when the documentary “Shooting Bigfoot” premieres in Toronto. At that point (or shortly thereafter, when the body is shown to the media/public) I will welcome your abject apology, and a deletion of your misguided review here on Amazon.”

    He concluded his comment with: “The truth will soon come out, and then one of us will eat crow. Simple.”

    Strange thing – I don’t think that my comments were made “obsolete” . I also don’t believe that we’ve seen that alleged body. Nor will we ever see it, not ever. Mr. Noel, when is that so-called truth from Rick Dyer – a man who is not familiar with the concept of honesty – going to reveal itself? I see that you deleted your entire Kindle publication from Amazon, so I was thinking that was an indication that maybe some reality was starting to seep in, no longer blocked by your shield of wishful thinking. But then you published this continued attempt at giving some credence to a man who has time and again proven that he is nothing but a liar.

    If Matthews actually did have footage of Rick Dyer shooting a sasquatch and subequently standing next to the body, he would not have omitted it for the sake of preserving a “mocking stance” – he would have included it in the film, thereby guaranteeing that his film would be viewed by many millions of paying customers, not just a few thousand, and that media sources would have to pay him a fee to use his copyrighted footage in any news broadcasts.

    Mr. Noel, I asked you previously why you felt that this time a known liar and fraud was telling the truth about having a bigfoot body and you never responded. Why would you believe this story when your own alleged experiences with sasquatch, plus the experiences you detail in your book about habituators, would all suggest that the species is so cautious that no sasquatch, let alone a fully-grown male (i.e. the most cautious sort, per your habituators’ accounts), would ever have exposed itself in this fashion to a camp full of camaramen and armed wackos. Do you remember about how you wrote in Sasquatch Rising 2013 of an odd little old hermit lady who claimed to be speaking telepathically with a “30 year old” female sasquatch? Even though you claimed that this woman had developed a strong relationship with this sasquatch, implying that they had become friends, she claimed that the sasquatch would never allow her to see her. Yet this full grown male sasquatch is going to stroll right into a camp full of people to grab some ribs and then run hap-hazardly into Matthews? Either most of the contents of Sasquatch Rising 2013 are nonsense, Rick Dyer’s claims are nonsense, or they both are a load of manure. I’m sharpening my #2 pencil and fully blackening the circle next to choice (C) Both A and B.

    Chris, what sort of sauce do you like with your crow?

    Most likely what happened was Matthews yelled at Dyer for potentially shooting in the dark at some noise that could be a homeless person from the nearby tent village or even someone on his film crew getting up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Matthews called Dyer an idiot, Dyer got mad and punched Matthews a few times. Matthews then threatened to report Dyer to the police, but Dyer told him he’d revoke his permission to use him in the film. Faced with the option of seeking justice and losing a major portion of his film, or sucking it up and moving forward with the full film, Matthews just decided to live with his bruises.

    I cannot comment on what the You Tube video to which you linked alleged shows, as that video has been removed and is no longer available. I suspect it showed nothing of consequence.

    Chris, you’re a very good writer and seem to be a smart guy – why are you so dead-set on ignoring common sense and believing people who are not credible? “Try and try again” just isn’t going to work for you as long as Rick Dyer is within 100 miles of your theory or story.

  12. zigoapex responds:

    I can’t understand why an educated man like christopher Noel would believe anything coming out of dyer’s mouth, even his partner in the 08′ scam said Dyer would do anything for attention and had issues.

    there is nothing credible in the whole story,It puzzles me that anyone would believe a thing he said after 08′

  13. gollumses responds:

    @PoeticsofBigfoot: Do you know how many people are in the greater Los Angeles Area, yet there are still sightings of the big guy in select areas of the San Gabriel Mountains. There are also many sightings in and around the concrete culverts that come down through different parts of the city from the San Gabriel Mountains. They seem to be very inquisitive and like exploring in the dark (all the culvert sightings that I know of are at night).

  14. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    Guys, listen: Tom Biscardi was behind the entire 2008 farce AND this current debacle. Does anyone believe his participation in either of these shameless episodes mere coincidence?

  15. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Yes, gollumses, and that’s just as ridiculous. How many videos have you seen of bears prowling through suburban areas? Now, how many of Bigfoot?

  16. NMRNG responds:

    It’s been nearly two months and I see that Chris Noel has not responded to any of the comments on this thread.

    Chris, if you’re not going to follow-up and defend your theories, doesn’t that suggest that the theories weren’t worth posting here in the first place?

    I think Noel needs to figure out how to adjust his bullsh!t detector and get it tuned much closer to reality. Chris, maybe before you postulate a theory or opinion, you ought to ask yourself “Trying to use common sense, could this really be possible?”

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