Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 3rd, 2012

Melba Ketchum has posted the following on her Facebook wall yesterday.

Since there is already an email about illusive vs. elusive. Illusive= like an illusion or imaginary. That is how skeptics see them. They also create illusion in that they are rarely seen and avoid detection. Some animals are elusive, yet there are many documentaries that are on Animal Planet and Nat Geo that show elusive animals studied with hidden cameras. How many folks have tried that with good success? Our subject goes far beyond elusive or they would have already been easily photographed with hidden cameras and plentiful footage obtained and thus already proven to exist, so they are illusive in my mind. Just semantics.Melba Ketchum

Yes, I do know about them now. I am glad I didn’t see them until after most of the data was in. I needed to prove it scientifically to myself first as a former skeptic before hitting the field so to speak and actually observing them. I had no fear, the ones I encountered were peaceful and gentle. I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.Melba Ketchum

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21 Responses to “Dr. Melba Ketchum a Bigfoot Witness?”

  1. Larry Parks via Facebook responds:

    She has mentioned this in the past. Not just her most recent comments.

  2. watn6789 responds:

    Weird quotes… I sure hope the article isn’t written like those.

  3. Ragnar responds:

    So let me get this right. There’s a place (or places) where people go and see Bigfoot regularly enough that “I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.”

    And for some reason it takes a moron with a rifle to get DNA? If I see deer in the woods regularly enough to “I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.” I think I could walk over to that place and get some samples.

    Tell me, exactly why aren’t the people who “I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.” providing any real evidence?

  4. Ed Ayala via Facebook responds:

    I love that fact this person says “she see’s them and keeps going back” but no real evidence. Seriously….no GOOD pics or Video at least??

  5. Surveyor responds:

    Ed, “this person” is the scientist who has all the DNA evidence and has submitted the scientific paper to be peer-reviewed, the beginning of the process of scientific acceptance of Bigfoot as a species. The evidence she has that we know of came from a bone, a tooth, a toenail, blood, hair, scat, and large pieces of flesh from one that has been shot. How’s that for “no real evidence”?

  6. paul_r responds:

    This is an all too familliar pattern and will take an all too familliar downward spiral in due time.

  7. DWA responds:

    Oooohhhhhhhh-KAY there.

    Not saying she’s a liar; I can’t say that about anybody with whom I don’t have personal experience. The pile has lots of evidence on it for which we need to take the witnesses’ word. (And for which there is substantial reason to do so.)

    But my attention sorta starts to drift when people tell me they’re hangin’ with the Big Man kinda reglar, and then go on this big DNA folderol rather than give us a few hours of footage to show what that DNA represents.



  8. jerrywayne responds:

    “Our subject goes far beyond elusive…”

    “… the ones I encountered were gentle and peaceful, I keep going back, I know why so many people love doing this now.”

    Good golly, Miss Molly!

    (Hope the DNA paper is more cogent).

  9. muircertach responds:

    And still no clear pictures or video. No hair even. Why not at least some pictures of foot prints? But there is maybe a paper saying something about DNA, maybe. From samples no one else has seen. How long until her book or DVD is for sale? This stinks to high heaven.

  10. sasquatch responds:

    Bizarre. Maybe this is just about folks that crave attention and are caught up in one lie leads to another, and the egos, and the need to justify ones place-be it “DNA specialist”, or bad ass hunter dude.

    On the other hand; Justin seems very willing to admit ineptitude in his hunting and perceptive abilities. Usually liars are less admitant to such things. Anyway, the story Mr. Smeja tells is very sad.

    I hope it’s a fake. Even tho’ I believe Sasquatches are probably real.

    Melba? hmmm…Maybe I’m wrong-hope so actually, but she sounds like someone involved in metaphysics- I tend not to trust these type of folks, because they’re constantly trying to make you feel like they know things or have the ability to sense things that YOU don’t-therefore they feel superior and have self validation. I knew someone like this-I told her bats hung around my apartment cause it was by a little creek where bugs swarmed…she said; “I want to come over and commune with the bats, they’ll just fly all around me”…She was always saying “how in tune with nature she was “blah, blah, blah”…it’s an ego trip/attention thing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised (or mind) if this whole thing just faded away…I wish all the flakes would fade away from this topic too, but I guess we’ve gotta tolerate em’.- the whole subject is very sensationalistic, so what do we expect?

  11. CDC responds:

    I can rationalize the delay in the peer review paper…but there is no reason in the world why she can’t take a few pics or a short video “IF” she has really seen them.

    If she was heading into the “field” she would have surely taken many cameras and therefore has picture evidence.

    It is ridiculous for her to even suggest she has seen them without having the photographic evidence to support that claim.

    I truly want to give her the chance to support her claim and paper, but with all the delays and mysterious statements, it is NOT MAKING MUCH SENSE.

    All these folks surrounding the Bigfoot question are all too dramatic and mysterious to be credible.

    Dr Jeff Meldrum and a few others have been upfront and open with any evidence they comes across, but the others…

    Biscardi, Moneymaker, Erickson, etc, etc, etc, it seems they all believe, but they can NEVER come up with any scientific evidence. Plus there is always a $$$$ money angle around them.

    Now Ketchum is said to have the evidence, but it seems she is so worried about satisfying the skeptics, she is afraid to put any of her evidence forward. Open and honest beats hidden and secret…especially if she indeed has the proof behind her…maybe she doesn’t.

    A mega mouth shark washed ashore in the 70’s and became a real animal…no peer review paper was needed the day it washed ashore. If Dr. Ketchum has seen them and goes back to where they may be…then what’s up Melba?

  12. wildmaiden responds:

    For what it’s worth: Dr. Ketchum doesn’t actually say she’s encountered the creatures more than once, merely that she keeps going back into the field and enjoys doing so since her encounter. The phrasing kind of suggests that she has had repeat encounters, but it’s not perfectly clear and I would caution against jumping to that conclusion and blaming her for not capturing further evidence.

  13. mid tarsal responds:

    Maybe she’s not saying she necessarily hangs out with them, but has seen “them”. Then she’s gone back there since. Perhaps she hasn’t seen them well enough to get good footage of them like some of you have suggested. Although when she uses the words “observed” and “them” and goes on to describe their personalty as “gentle”, it does make her experiences sound impressive. Maybe these are the same creatures Erickson does claim to have the great footage of.

  14. CDC responds:


    “The ones I encountered were peaceful and gentle”, Dr Ketchum’s words.

    A “peaceful and gentle” anything would stand still for a Kodak Moment.

    Here’s a tip for a Doctor doing a peer review paper on an animal that science says does not exist…when in the field and you see more than one of these creatures behaving “peaceful and gentle” be sure to have a Polaroid with you…otherwise your Facebook post seems silly to the scientific community.

    Do you see how silly this all sounds? The scientific community using Facebook? “Peaceful and Gentle” unknown animals? Illusive vs elusive? C’mon y’all, get a grip…ain’t nothing out there…till you can prove it.

  15. norman-uk responds:

    The first quote from Dr Ketchum seems fair enough …. the subject goes far beyond elusive.

    But the second quote is a little strange and sort of contradicts this elusiveness. It must be wonderful to know that you have done and experienced something really special and be looking at fame, but it is difficult for us on the outside not to have qualms about Melba’s stated contact with bigfoot. Much like observance of gorillas. Assuming it is true perhaps she should not have mentioned it at this stage – but waited until she could have shown us the photos which she or her companions must have taken?

    As it is it does tend to sound like a pipe dream when Melba herself feeling peaceful and gentle has wandered away from the absolute truth.

  16. Cass_of_MPLS responds:

    It hasn’t been that long since we were following the adventures of those guys who had Bigfoot’s face imprinted on their car windshield and who also claimed definitive DNA evidence “Just wait for the Press Conference”.

    And I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I said “Let’s wait for the Press Conference and see what they have to produce before attacking these people.”

    They had nada.

    Well, I’m less patient now.

    Melba, old girl…if you’ve got something let’s see it.

    Otherwise…go away.

  17. William responds:

    This Facebook posting sounds downright silly coming from someone that one would think is extremely busy in their work. I do not know that much about Facebook but is it possible someone could establish a phoney Facebook account to impersonate an actual person? If so, could that be the case here?

  18. norman-uk responds:


    I didn’t think the ‘faceprint on the car window’ was at all promising for bigfoot but was a possibility. Nor was DNA analysis done, because of the cost I believe. Any disappointment is all part of the course for bigfoot. Up till now DNA analysis on potential bigfoot samples has mainly been a failure but things now appear to be moving and the best bet to produce some valid results is Dr Melba’s lab. So rejoice in the opportunity while ye may, bigfoot is there because the proof is there if humanity is clever and wise enough to find it. Hopefully that event is soon.

    If things don’t work out it just means begin again, begin again!


    Anything can be faked today even Facebook! I have an open mind about what has been posted on it in Dr Melba’s name. Seems like a good idea to me that even if you are busy to have an outlet. Something different though like go to the pictures!

  19. Reverend responds:

    I’m with DWA on this one – as I often am. The more I read from Dr Melba, the less I believe her. She is really starting to sound a bit … delusional.

    At which point will we start to question where the hell this submitted ‘paper’ is?

    The ‘evidence’ she has, has (as far as I’m aware) never been seen by anyone else. Therefore, at this moment, it’s not evidence.

    I really hope I’m wrong – and we all hope she’s on the level … but I just think we’ll be waiting a very long time before we get the announcement that her ‘evidence’ and ‘papers’ have been lost / burned / covered up by the logging companies, etc.

    Take a freaking PHOTO, Melba!

  20. William responds:

    I am fully expecting to hear the final word on this playing out as something in the lines of “the Government” seized all of her records and lab results without warning. Of course afterwards they officially deny it!

  21. norman-uk responds:

    There doesn’t seem to be any good reason why Dr Melba should get so much criticism. She is potentially just what bigfoot research needs, a well qualified scientist undertaking a quality bigfoot research project and submitting it for peer review. There is delay and secrecy about detail which is normal. The latest facebook utterance in her name may be a little worrying, but hopefully the project goes on, unscathed as it should.

    Nothing in Dr Melba’s research has been publicly verified at this stage, but neither has it found wanting and she should be left to sail in blue skies with a good wind until and if thunder and lightning are justified!

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