Finding Bigfoot: Season 3 Premieres November 11

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 18th, 2012

Great news for Sasquatch enthusiasts everywhere! Early this afternoon, Animal Planet announed a whopping TWENTY new episodes of its hit series Finding Bigfoot set to premiere Sunday, November 11th at 10PM E/P.

One big change of pace this go around is that for the first time, the team expand their search in North America and beyond to investigate the sasquatch phenomenon known as “yowies” in Australia and the “orang-pendek” of Indonesia.

In addition to their global jaunts, the team members will participate in a special “pre-show” special airing Sunday, November 11th at 9PM E/P before the premiere episode. Moderated by Animal Planet executive producer Keith Hoffman (you may recognize Keith from his Hillbilly Handfishin’ adventures). The special brings the team together in an informal setting to discuss the investigations in greater detail and to provide insights and tips not shared in the show.

Which location are you most excited for? What sorts of questions would you love to see the team answer? Sound off in the comments!Grace Suriel

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

18 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: Season 3 Premieres November 11”

  1. viking0047 responds:

    Greaaaattttt! smh!

  2. squatchman responds:

    This is GREAT news

  3. CDC responds:

    I have to admit, I dont like the show…but I would trade places with any of them in a heartbeat

    Going places in the wilderness where most folks dont go…seems pretty cool to me

  4. corrick responds:

    Looking forward to season three, but shouldn’t they have uncovered some scientifically testable evidence for Bigfoot by now? So far this hit show is batting zero.

    Not that I believe this, but I’ve been told by a couple of my friends in L.A., that early in season one production workers actually captured a bigfoot. Filmed it,
    got DNA samples and then released it. Apparently they are keeping all this secret until the end of a season 4 or 5 when they end the series with a major pay per
    view special.

    Sounds to me like just more hype for the show. I mean when it comes to the existence of Bigfoot how could anyone put money before science?

  5. Ulysses responds:

    Not for me. Like CDC says, “I would trade places with any of them” but the incredible lack of finding anything and the presumptions by the crew “it’s Squatchy here alright” reminds me of the devil behind every tree in Young Goodman Brown. I don’t know if they are asked by the producers to exaggerate claims in anything they find and then cut off the show quickly. I would watch IF they could concentrate in one area for a good length of time: That is, an expedition type of search AND bring a professional hunter. Some things could be laid to rest or found to the excitement of us all.

  6. DWA responds:


    If they insist on continuing to ignore their database, and running to places that it would just be cool to set off fireworks, or smear honey on trees, or yell their heads off in order to attract this loud, social creature that nobody ever sees because it’s so elusive…


    Can’t make it illegal, I suppose.

    Besides which, as I have said here before, there does seem to be one positive side effect of “Finding Bigfoot.” I am seeing more current-year encounters on their database than ever. And they read exactly like the ones I have been reading for years, so the “copycat” excuse simply doesn’t wash. People are continuing to have the full range of encounters it is possible to have with a wild animal, as solid a certification of validity as it’s possible to have for something unproven.

    Sometimes people report something because of increasing evidence that they may not be regarded, at least by everyone, as crazy for seeing something as real as their car, say, or dog, or spouse. But of course the “skeptics,” as usual, fail to think of the obvious stuff.

    So [sigh] bring it on.

    I mean, it’s not like I have to watch or anything.

  7. DWA responds:


    “Looking forward to season three, but shouldn’t they have uncovered some scientifically testable evidence for Bigfoot by now? So far this hit show is batting zero.”

    No. Nobody serious about this expects a thing from this show (why I don’t watch).

    This is (as you note) Hit TV, not scientific searching. I expect nothing from this. If you want to put money on anyone either coming up with proof or finally getting the mainstream involved, here’s where to put your money.

  8. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    I am proud to say I have never seen a single episode of this silliness and I sure as hell aint gonna start now. This show is a joke and I really don’t understand why so many people watch it. Does anyone really think this bunch is going to find anything, let alone a Bigfoot?

  9. marcodufour responds:

    I dated a girl who worked on a famous ghost searching show here in the U.K. she said all the noise, pebbles and coins thrown etc were done by her and the other staff at the film site to bump up ratings, sad but true. I have never watched this show for similar reasons, it`s not possible to get sightings and evidence at every site and certainly not when you scream and shout like crazy, just ask a professional animal tracker.

  10. Desertdweller responds:

    I do watch the show, and I do think Bigfoot exists.

    I don’t, however, watch the show expecting them to find anything.
    Not because there is nothing to find, but because of the way they go about searching for it.

    They need to spend more time in the field, and make less of a spectacle of themselves. Send one of the team ahead into the potential Bigfoot area, and quietly camp there for a week and observe. Then, have the team go in (without the horseplay and fireworks) and explore leads gathered by the first person. They could review trailcam pictures and analyze physical evidence and recordings. In other words, conduct a real scientific expedition, and cut out the talk about what is “known Bigfoot behavior”. Respect the intelligence of the audience.

    I do like the characters and the way they interact with each other. I don’t believe there is a captured Bigfoot as mentioned in a previous post. It would be too good a secret to keep.

  11. marcodufour responds:

    Desertdweller an ex girlfriend told me how girls think! stop thinking as an aggressive BigfootMan and start thinking like a female! Sounds!¬ Smells ! and the rest will bring them to you! patience Grasshopper ! Patience!

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    corrick, interesting… “Not that I believe this, but I’ve been told by a couple of my friends in L.A., that early in season one production workers actually captured a bigfoot. Filmed it, got DNA samples and then released it. Apparently they are keeping all this secret until the end of a season 4 or 5 when they end the series with a major pay per view special.”

    Do you think?

    They haven’t caught ANYTHING on the show so far…. not even remotely.

    I got more out of listening to bobo on the joe rogan podcast than I do watching the show… but its hell-interesting to watch.

  13. marcodufour responds:

    dconstruckt-I would love to know just how they “Supposedly caught a Bigfoot?”. Just imagine how angry a Chimpanzee or a Gorilla can get when it rips your arm off? So I am not convinced that a Bigfoot (I prefer Sasquatch) would gamely walk into a trap, and DNA samples will never ever convince the world of the existence of Sasquatch, only a live or dead (sadly) example will do.

  14. The Believer responds:

    The only bit of evidence they got was in the last show of season two “Holy Cow, Its a Bigfoot”, they got a pretty good call back from a supposed Bigfoot, or was it just Bobo?

    A good idea would be to leave camera traps in every Bigfoot area they’ve been to and review lasts weeks camera trap footage on this weeks show, at least then, when they’ve left the “Squatchy” area, there still might be a chance of catching something on film, and probably a better chance without all the roaring, camera crew, lights etc.

    So far no-one has come up with any good evidence even close to the Patterson & Gimlin footage, this in my opinion is the best and only evidence of a sasquatch to date, all the rest are just dark blobs or hoaxes.

    Whatever happened to the so-called “Erickson Project”?? We’re still waiting!!!!

  15. DWA responds:

    The Believer:

    Better yet, do the same thing WHERE THEIR OWN CURATORS AND DATABASE say they should., guys. It ain’t hard. OK, it’s way harder than this show, but way less silly.

  16. Peltboy25 responds:

    Great. More running around the woods, yelling and screaming and chasing every sound they hear. More zillion-lumen flood lights and boom mikes. More ridiculous stories from drunken townies. Hey Animal Planet….why not channel a small portion of the funding for this show into a low-impact, long-term study of the pacific NW. Fund an entire summer of deep-woods exploration with the highest-tech recording devices. Understand that one minute of REAL evidence is gonna get you FAR more viewers than a season of these clowns.

  17. DWA responds:


    Unfortunately, I don’t think Animal Planet (I mean, any TV network really, but definitely not AP) is going to get what you’re saying.

    What I’ve seen about the shows there tells me that Animal Planet stands ever ready to reduce the wonders of our fellow travelers on Earth to the lowest common denominator. Finding Bigfoot is just the kind of show I’d expect them to gin up.

  18. deathstar666 responds:

    Terrible programme – I guess we can blame ‘Blair Witch…’ for this style of docu style film-making, but it’s been done countless times before and as many people have said,not a shred of evidence and so many silly episodes from ‘experts’ claiming they would know how a Sasquatch reacts, acts, kills etc, when no-one knows! If I hear one more person say “It’s squatchy round here…” I’ll smash the tv up!! Sadly, such programmes have to be watched because there’s nothing else on so I’m guessing that’s why such awful programmes are made….

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