Finding Bigfoot: “Peeping Bigfoot” Tonight

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 15th, 2012

Tonight, the next episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series premieres at 10 pm Eastern.

Tonight’s episode, “Peeping Bigfoot” deals with Bigfoot reports and evidence from Minnesota.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization head to Minnesota to investigate intriguing howls recorded at an infamous bigfoot hotspot. They go deep into the wild, hot on the trail of bigfoots rumored to be bigger and bolder than any other on earth.

Finding Bigfoot: A Sasquatch Nearby?

On a night hunt, Matt and Cliff call back and forth to one another. In response, they hear a strange knocking sound. Could a sasquatch be nearby?

Finding Bigfoot: Town of Bigfoot Believers

At a town hall meeting, Matt poses the question: “Who here has seen a bigfoot?” Nearly the entire room raises their hand. The team feels like there could definitely be sasquatches in the area!

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

17 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: “Peeping Bigfoot” Tonight”

  1. matnwt responds:

    In tonight’s episode there will be a grainy photo/video of a “Bigfoot”. Some interviews will be made and Bobo will recreate the event. They will go into the woods in the middle of the night and hear noises. MM will say that these noises are absolute proof of bigfoot. Same formula different episode.

    I am a fan of cryptozoology but I have to point out the fact that we are in the internet age and everyone has a camera on them. So why does every “bigfoot” video come out grainy or blurry? Technology has come a long way, it’s just too convenient that these videos are blurry at the right times. Besides, if a bigfoot was found it would be on the internet within hours and the whole world would know, theres no way this show is going to produce anything new.

  2. bigfootsdad responds:

    i.e. Lorraine’s story: If what she saw was indeed 10′-11′ tall, I can’t help but think of Mark Hall’s book ‘True Giants’.

  3. Iceman responds:

    Although Matt Moneymaker is generally regarded as an ass-clown, by Cryptomondonians, the show itself is quite entertaining in my opinion (a la “Ghost Adventures”) and the best thing running on Sunday nights.

  4. Insanity responds:

    Not everyone is carrying a high quality camera, and not everyone is able to get it turned on, aimed and take a picture in the usually short times that spottings take place in.

    Getting a still focused shot is not as easy as it seems.

    Irregardless, a simple photo won’t prove their existence anyways, a physical specimen will need to be obtained.

  5. EnormousFoot responds:

    They make me think of them as Squatchbusters.
    If there is something strange,
    knocking on some wood
    Who you gonna call?
    If there’s something weird
    and it don’t smell good
    Who you gonna call?
    I ain’t ‘fraid of no Squatch!
    I ain’t ‘fraid of no Squatch!
    If you’re seeing things
    running through your camp
    Who can you call? – Squatchbusters!
    A burly man
    on your themal cam
    Oh, who can you call? – Squatchbusters!
    I ain’t ‘fraid of no Squatch!
    I ain’t ‘fraid of no Squatch!

  6. CDC responds:

    Tonight was it for me…I am convinced now that this show is a complete fake and a only a money making tool for everyone associated with it.

    Another in a LONG LINE of episodes that found absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

    What kills me is they are actually trying harder to not find NOTHING

    This episode once again had a helicopter…you could see several overhead shots of Cliff and the gang riding in that ATV

    1). You have a helicopter
    2). You have flir infrared cameras, night vision cameras, and other cameras
    3). You have miles of wet muddy soil difficult to move in
    4). You have numerous eyewitness sightings of a 8 to 11 foot Bigfoot in DAYLIGHT!!!!!!!!


    An 11 foot heat source? Don’t you think it might have been worth flying around trying to locate? Night? Day?

    Cliff and Ranae are supposed to be real researchers, but when they hear sounds, they are AFRAID OF A LITTLE POISON IVY??????????? Look kids, next time take a little calamine lotion and don’t act like such cowards…unless of course you really only heard frogs jumping in a pond.

    Yeah, what a con job Animal Planet did on those who are interested in Bigfoot. In My opinion, Animal Planet put together a group of clowns, and has found an audience to watch their little circus show.

    Cliff, BoBo, Matt, and Ranae, I hope you read this…in my opinion, you all look like clowns the way the show is presented, and you are insulting your audience with your feeble, futile, pitiful, attempts at research…you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Shame on you, and shame on anyone who claims this show is anything more than a complete waste of time.

    Week after week of NOTHING!!!!!! Yet, Animal Planet keeps taking their circus on the road. All this season’s shows were completed long ago, and no proof was found…NOTHING!!!!!!!

    Animal Planet has found a way to have an audience watch week after week, knowing the show will find NOTHING!! Congratulations Animal Planet, you have found a way to make money by doing absolutely NOTHING…we all saw that last night.

  7. matnwt responds:

    Not saying everyone has a hi-def camera on them and certainly not saying that they are easy to get turned on/aimed/focused. I’m just saying that this show chooses the worst videos or pictures to use. No matter what happens during the show MM and the gang will conclude that there was certainly a “squatch” in the woods.

  8. William responds:

    Actually the poster who was joking with the “Sasquatch Busters” take on the movie “Ghostbusters” might be on to something. A much better concept for this show and a newer format they ought to go with (since the old formula is indeed redundant and growing older and staler by the minute) would be to have the gang (Cliff, Bobo, Matt and Renae) sighting around on call for the most recent siting that gets phoned in or reported on a Bigfoot Hotline. They could then (much like Josh Gates of Destination Truth) zoom off to whatever location where the sighting and possibly tracks are still fresh. This would be great “reality” type TV and at the same time also more productive as far as obtaining some actual evidence due to the freshness of the sighting. I state this because I believe if Bigfoot does exist they are very transient creatures always on the move.

  9. frostea420 responds:

    i just dont understand if there is always a bigfoot everywhere they go why dont they just stay till they find one. instead of saying oh yeah theres a bigfoot here lets move on

  10. muircertach responds:

    Another great show. Keep em coming guys.

  11. somebodyssquatchingme responds:

    @matnwt: I once took photos of a moose in an odd part of town, and then had the stupidity to tell the girl who developed the photos where they were taken. A day later, the moose was shot, and I felt terrible.

    I think many responsible conservationalists (the majority of cryptomunduns) would not quickly post a high quality squatch video on youtube. If I had such evidence, I would drive to Portland and show it to Loren first, and then decide who he would like to invite for private peer review.

  12. matnwt responds:

    1. Awesome name
    2. Sorry about the moose. Not a hunter myself. I would feel bad too

    If I had a good video I wouldn’t just post it on YouTube to be remixed and ridiculed 100 times over. I too would take it to a pro. The show has such a good premise. It’s too bad they couldn’t get some professionals to be on it. Instead you have MM who is the self proclaimed “squatch” expert (when he’s never produced any evidence). Pathetic. I see MM is not trolling these posts anymore. It was kind of fun last year watching him throw 3rd grade insults out there. Real professional. Haha. He is a Bigfoot hunter the time to be smug is AFTER finding one.

  13. CelticBull responds:

    I hate how they’re building a dogma to protect themselves against criticism. Sasquatches are mocking coyote howls to blend in and avoid human attention? Riiight…. so every coyote call could possibly be a “squatch”. Well, that’s … handy..

  14. bigyeti responds:

    We get it. You have a vendetta against the show. True, the show has failed to deliver any conclusive evidence, but that’s the name of the game. You sound like you’re so tired of the repetitive nature of the show; but you’re content to be repetitive with your own posts. Every week you post about the show, but there is nothing new to it; just you complaining. You clearly enjoy some element of the show or you wouldn’t watch it weekly.

    How many times can it be explained that the program does not show every part of the investigation? There is a lot more done behind the scenes, it just can’t be fit into an hour. Maybe more was done with the helicopter or using the FLIR, but it just wasn’t shown. In any case, helicopter fly-overs with IR cameras has been done before on other programs and hasn’t worked yet. The truth is, it takes years for most investigators to find any sort of evidence, so don’t expect these 4-day expeditions to find anything groundbreaking. For the short amount of time they go to these places, the team has actually made some interesting finds. Yes, longer expeditions would be great, but that’s not how the show works.

    Saying that the episode convinced you the show “is a complete fake” is unfounded. If anything, this episode was far less sensationalized than the others. Yes there were lots of “did you hear that!” moments, but in the end, they didn’t claim that they had found anything compelling. The team showed that the reality of field expeditions is that you usually end up empty handed. Their conclusions were based on the eyewitness accounts, and while that’s not proof, its not fakery.

    I challenge anyone who thinks they can make a better show to go out and do it. Buy a camera and go out and get some conclusive proof. Buy the equipment you think the show should be using and prove that it works. Think of it as an investment; if your methods work as well as you think they will, the cost of equipment will be easily regained. But here’s the deal: if you can’t get any better proof than knocks or prints, then you just have a program with no evidence AND no entertainment.

    Can that be done? Probably not. Let’s just enjoy Finding Bigfoot for what it is: entertainment.

  15. Nny responds:

    @Bigyeti — I don’t think this show is worth defending at all. But it is entertainment. Just bad entertainment, in my opinion.

    @CDC — I agree with you. But seriously, watching it’s not going to change it. I agree with you 100%. But I haven’t watched this season, because I think the show is terrible. Just don’t watch. Seriously. You’ll feel better. I do.

    At least with the money made from season two there is no way the BFRO can’t afford to outfit their representatives and local BFRO with gear.

    So that’s a plus.

  16. CDC responds:


    Hmm, let’s see, a show is terrible, so we shouldn’t comment on how bad it is, we should stop complaining or stop watching. Is that it bigyeti? Simple right?

    Look, what you are seeing as, “entertainment”, I am seeing as an incredible waste of resources, and an incredible waste of an opportunity to do some credible research on this subject.

    With my constant “repetitive complaining”, I am not pointing out the obvious flaws…I am pointing out the stupidity of the concept of this show.

    I am hoping you are in reality one of the “evidence planting” production assistants, because that would be the only valid reason you would have for defending the show. If you are, then I am glad I am getting through to you.

    You have access to a helicopter
    You have multiple cameras for day, night, and infrared, filming
    You have a cast and crew under contract
    You have volunteers ready to step up and help
    You have the backing of a Cable Network
    You have a large audience base to draw from
    You have an interesting subject to investigate…
    and the best you have come up with…with all this going for you, is “PEEPING BIGFOOT”, “BUCKEYE BIGFOOT”, “BABY BIGFOOT”, and of course “BIG RHODEY”?????????????????????

    In my opinion this is a waste of a great opportunity to do some very good research.

    In my opinion, “IF” Bigfoot exists, it can only exist in remote, heavily wooded, mountainous, areas of the Pacific Northwest and Canada…NOT IN RHODE ISLAND!!!!

    I would have truly loved to see EVERY EPISODE doing real investigating in the actual areas they may exist. After TWO SEASON of episodes The Pacific Northwest and Canada, we all would have a better idea if the possibility of these animals exists…instead, we get the same Clown Like Characters telling us that “BIGFOOT DOES EXIST IN MINNESOTA!!!!!

    Ask yourself this bigyeti, do you think they would have found actual solid evidence if they had done several shows in Humbolt County California? If they did, wouldn’t that be a great thing for Bigfoot Believers, and if they didn’t wouldn’t that make the chances that Bigfoot exists even more remote? Either way, wouldn’t that do more for Bigfoot research than Screaming in random forest throughout the USA every week?

    Be honest bigyeti, it doesn’t bother you that I complain…it only bothers you that I am making valid points.

    The way the show is now is entertaining for you and a waste for me. I want them to make it better so I complain, you apparently are happy the way it is.

    You challenge others to make a better show…I challenge this show to be better. In my opinion, I am the one making a reasonable challenge

  17. roaringbear responds:

    I don”t have a problem with the repeating nature of the show so much as the three guys tendency to ascribe just about any noise they hear to a “squatch in these woods.” I don’t think they are dishonest as much as they are over enthusiastic to prove to the world what they believe.
    The thing is as CDC points out:

    “The truth is, it takes years for most investigators to find any sort of evidence, so don’t expect these 4-day expeditions to find anything groundbreaking.”

    So, if they want to be taken as serious researchers, going to several locations isn’t going to work. Let’s see a show where they go to one PRIME location, the Pacific Northwest or even Canada for instance and spending three months on location filming a seasons worth of footage. A season centered in Tibet, where Josh Gates reportedly found and scientifically verified the hair of an apelike creature would be best in my opinion. (Of course very costly and harder to pull off because of religious beliefs).

    Look at how mountain gorillas were eventually verified. A scientist and many local expert trackers out in the bush living in the area the gorillas were reported and submersing themselves in the environment. This might actually give these shy mammals a chance to get used to non-violent humans and maybe even attract younger curious sasquatch into investigating the researchers.

    The best case scenario would be to actually consult or even hire some of the people who spend their lives tracking and interacting with mountain gorillas even today. Maybe even try and get someone who worked with Dian Fossey involved. Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees would certainly qualify her opinion. Let them tell your team what techniques work best to find these animals. They wouldn’t have to be believers, just willing to share their expertise and be open minded enough to admit the possibility sasquatch exist.

    Anything other than a long-term investigation is just a crapshoot.

    I realize budget may be a problem and getting people able to stay out for three months away from jobs and family, but it would cost less to pay a crew for three months in an isolated environment than to send them globetrotting around where they are unlikely to find anything. Plus, the payoff would be incredible. Imagine a season capped off with undeniable proof of sasquatch. Imagine footage where a family group of squatch are observed and even interacted with the way gorillas are shown today.

    I can’t say I am a believer as much as I am open to the idea that such a creature could have developed alongside and on the borders of human evolution. But for those who say they are, the investment in such a venture would be well worth the expenditure and hardships entailed.

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