New BC Sasquatch Sightings

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 4th, 2012

What is it about Bigfoot and berry pickers?

Excerpt from If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise: Sasquatch sighted in Rossland? by Allyson Kenning, The Boundary Sentinel.

Read the entire article at the link above.

A friend of mine had an experience on the Techo Grind on that same day of August that scared the bejeebers out of him. This friend, who wishes to have his real name withheld and wants to go by the pseudonym Mountain Mike, came home very shaken and told his wife what he saw. And of course, what does any loving wife do in a situation like this? She posts the whole thing on Facebook, and since I am a friend of hers, I saw the post, and thence went on to find out about the Bhubble posting.

For the record, I posted on the Bhubble thread that I’d be interested in hearing other stories if anyone else were willing to come forward, but no one did.

But my friend is brave. In an interview with me, Mountain Mike described how he came upon the unknown entity early in the morning of August 22.

“The fog had settled in at the top of Monte Christo Mountain. I had just reached the trailhead of one of my favourite morning workouts: Techno Grind. I texted my wife at 7:25am to let her know where in the hills I might be should something happen. My dog-panion decided she wanted to stay warm in bed this particular morning, so I was alone. I strapped on my helmet and began the first descent on the trail… Techno is a cross-country trail so you can get some speed and a good flow going. I passed a woman and her golden retriever, picking huckleberries. A few fast minutes later I dropped out of the fog layer and came around a corner. The trail immediately plateaus and there is plenty of room to slow oneself down, [but on] this ride however I would put on the brakes for an entirely different reason.”

At first he thought it was a bear, which is pretty rational given the fact that this is Bear Country. Mountain Mike described its colour as very dark, brown-black. “It stood upright on two feet (at first I thought this might be an act of aggression) but then quickly turned and ran bipedal to the same trail I was on,” he continues. And it was substantially heavy, too. “Given I was 100 plus yards away from it, and I could feel its feet striking the ground, it must have been heavy… It thundered as its feet hit the ground,” claims Mountain Mike, “branches snapped as my mind raced through every easy-read bathroom survival book I had ever read. Before I could brace myself for whatever was to come, it turned ran and was gone.”

What Mountain Mike saw was tall, too; he’s six feet tall himself and the whatever it was was, he sensed, one to two feet taller than he. “It was bigger than any black bear I had ever seen. And much darker than a grizzly.” So, no Gary Camozzi jokes, please.

Other reports of sasquatch sightings often talk of a musky smell, but Mountain Mike did not experience that. “I couldn’t smell anything past my own soiled shorts.”

An unnatural silence fell around Mountain Mike as he stood on the Techno Grind, many things flashing through his mind, wondering what to do next. “Ten frozen minutes must have passed. I made things right with my Maker, and decided to peddle towards where I last saw it. To turn around and pedal uphill would put me at a disadvantage speed-wise, plus my back would be turned. So gathering all the courage I had, I pressed on. I can’t say it helped or that it was on key but I sang every Louie Armstrong song I could remember as loud as I could, and intermixed that with coughing and barking sounds. After 20 minutes of eerie solitude I was back at my house in Rossland.”

After a short internal debate as to whether or not to tell anyone about what he saw, Mountain Mike eventually told Mrs. Mountain Mike, who posted about the experience on her Facebook timeline. This instigated an entertaining, lively thread of conversation amongst locals, some of whom laughed it off as a joke, and some of whom took it quite seriously, citing First Nation legends, including one that has a village of sasquatches living near Squamish.

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  1. dconstrukt responds:

    crazy story. imagine if he was using one of those go cam’s and had it recording on his helmet…. and got this incident on video.

    that would have been insane!

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