Retired US Forest Service Ranger Claims Sasquatch is Real!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 24th, 2011

The following video, part 2 of the news story, is the interview of the retired forest service ranger who makes the claims of governmental knowledge of Sasquatch.

Part 1 can be accessed at the link below on the news station’s website.

HONOBIA, OK — Nestled among the Kiamichi Mountains in eastern Pushmataha and western LeFlore counties lies Honobia, OK, a town with a history of strange sightings of an ape-like creature.

In Part II of “SASQUATCH! Oklahoma’s Bigfoot”, Kris Hair introduces you to a retired Forestry Service Ranger who says there’s more going on than what we know.

Source:, SASQUATCH! Oklahoma’s Bigfoot Part 1
and SASQUATCH! Oklahoma’s Bigfoot Part II

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18 Responses to “Retired US Forest Service Ranger Claims Sasquatch is Real!”

  1. Hapa responds:

    Very, very interesting.This is on par to E Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession about the conspiracy behind the JFK Assassination, But without the major conspiracy theory oddness (saying that the government officially says they don’t exist yet supposedly having a reward for a body is not cloak and dagger like the theories surrounding what happened that day in Dallas. They’re probably just trying to not get laughed at by the Pseudo skeptical elite and a sarcastic public). Still, this is just testimony, not a body, and once again the don’t kill philosophy is reinforced: Conservation and discovery don’t happen in a vacuum.

  2. flame821 responds:

    I find it interesting that they ‘rut’, to the best of my knowledge higher primates do not have a rut season. Now this may be more a matter of practicality as I imagine a newborn’s chance of survival is lower in winter than in Spring. Or it could simply be a matter of subjective interpretation on the Ranger’s part.

    Although you would think if they knew the ways of the animal that well at least ONE decent photo or video would have been managed over the past 30 years.

  3. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    There are Whistleblowers who are in The Know, as in Fed Forestry Service employees with close encounters of the third kind, who get debriefed, sign legal secrecy docs specifying loss of wages, benefits & retirement pension along with federal trumped up Federal charges “If They Talk”, with “Mission Impossible” style denial from higher ups.

    Then there are unwitting (or witting) disinfo agents who give out half truth with half red herrings so that there is no provable traceback to what’s really goin’ down.

    Then there are Fed employees who just small talk at lunch or the bar after hours or gossip about the “common knowledge” in the “agency”.
    I know I’m coming across as a Skeptic in this, but regarding the video, three guesses which of the above?

    The whole UFO sphere draws similar parallels.

    Of course Melba, Erickson & Olympic Projects et al are aware that they aren’t going to be winning any Nobel Prize whatever for any “discovery”?

    Surely it doesn’t require more than two points of IQ to KNOW that the know nothing, bumbling incompetent, Gomer Pyle “Government”, Smithsonian, Military, Multi-National Industrial Bioengineering Complex has for the past Century acquired specimens just like anything else, & already fully mapped genomes as per Homo Sapiens & Neanderthal, and long commenced numerous associated black budget reproductive bioengineering projects?

    Of most all of the following: 16′ four toed yetis, some Almas, Yeren, Giganto getting into the Americas, smaller four toed PNW Skooks, 14′ ape-foot divergent toes tracked by modern Ozarks American Indians, Giant anomolous skeletons of tribes & migrants of 5 or 6 toed Homo Sapiens/Neanderthal/Erectus & non-human skeletons all over 50% to more than double the height of 21st Century man found all over the Americas (not the photoshop hoaxes put out by “debunker” disinfo agents), to the giant black apes of South America… all the former of which documented throughout history to have engaged in interspecies crossbreeding when the opposite sex of their own kind was not available, even to the point of bestiality.

    Then most all of the above “mating” with 6′ tall Homo Sapiens Amerindians, Africans, Asians, Europeans & Middle Easterners in Neolithic & Bronze Age times thru this Century producing the classic 5 toed foot without the arch & the Wookie look, along with released/escaped feral African & Asian apes.

    Oy Vey, what an all over the map mess we got here in the Americas alone.

  4. Hapa responds:

    Red Earth White Lies
    Hello 🙂

    Cryptids mating with humans producing hybrids…You know there are stories of Sasquatch doing so with humans, as have been mentioned in Cryptozoological works (Jeff Meldrum’s Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science). However, I don’t think most, if not all, Cryptozoologists would take such stories seriously (save for the DNA leak that the sasquatch samples supposedly tested for the Erickson Project, but they need to provide proper evidence to show that when and if they release the results…), and indeed they are simply stories, not biological tests and their results.

    Similar tales are told of Spectacled/Andean Bears, Grizzlies, Bison, and a few others. Orangutans actually grab women and “rape” them (though without the ferocious violence associated with human rape. They just grab…then go. And no mutant child offspring has been noted from such pairings (the apes don’t bother to rip women’s clothes off when they do preform their type of rape.). So I don’t believe that such stories of Bigfoot doing the same and conceiving offspring are to be taken without a grain of salt (However, if the animal is far more closely related to us than the great apes, such offspring might be possible. However this is hypothesis and not fact.).

    And as for being a skeptic: Its one thing to be a skeptic (I need more proof) and being Pseudo-Skeptic (I won’t consider it no matter how good the evidence is, because I have an agenda to keep people from learning and exploring their world, to make knowledge stand still). I don’t think you fall into the latter, but it’s something science must look out for.

  5. Fred123 responds:

    Yes, forest rangers ussually have top secret security clearance. That’s why they’ve managed to keep this under wraps until now. I just hope that Ranger Smith never comes clean about those talking bears in Jellystone Park, the panic that would follow could end civilization as we know it.

  6. DWA responds:

    If, in the current budget/debt climate, the government is spending money off the books to keep the sasquatch under wraps, I say it’s time for the revolution.

    You GOTTA be kidding me here.

  7. skeptik responds:

    He claims they are real judging by beliefs of others and circumstantial evidence to be expected in the wild. This is one guy’s opinion, and not a claim of scientific importance.

    That the foresters should have some sort of super secret MIB status is just nonsense.

    Not saying that Bigfoot ain’t real, or possible, just that there’s nothing to see here…

  8. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    For years people have reported mountain lions/pumas in Maine. Scat & fur samples have been collected. Footprints have been found. Some pictures have been taken. Yet the Maine Wildlife authorities deny these creatures exist. So I don’t find it far fetched that authorities wouldn’t admit that sasquatches existed if in fact they did. But they don’t exist so it’s all a moot point. 😉

  9. Paul78 responds:

    If anyone believes the US Government is keeping Bigfoot secret, then they are paranoid and need to ask themselves why. What would be the point or reason to keep an animal secret? I can understand if say someone was into alien conspiracy; but crypto-conspiracy, no.

  10. Massachusetts responds:

    Just seems strange to me. He’s researched the creature as a ranger, presumably, but he doesn’t have any photos or videos to share, and apparently nobody else does either–no leaks? We all know the government loves leaks.

    If he hasn’t done the work first hand, then it’s just second hand info, therefore hearsay which isn’t definitive. If he’s done the work first hand, then present some evidence–show us the money!

    But let’s assume a coverup is real. Then with such a well orchestrated and effective cover-up, it would be logical to assume there are serious penalties for spilling the beans. So what advantage is it to this guy to share his story with a local news crew?

    The whole government conspiracy angle seems, to me at least, like a way for frustrated people to explain why there’s not too much definitive evidence. But if forestry rangers can gather evidence and collect high quality data, as he claims, then why can’t anyone else? Other researchers, private researchers, should be able to do the same thing and then present it to the public. So whether or not the government is hiding knowledge should be irrelevant.

    So we have groups like the Erickson project which claim to have done just that. But they are not sharing the information. We are told to wait patiently. Ok, fine. But it does seem fishy, doesn’t it?

  11. bfseeker responds:

    Paul78, I will give you one reason the government would cover it up or deny Bigfoot exists. If anyone remembers, I believe it was in the 80’s (I might be off on the dates) when the spotted owl was discovered in the forests of the western states and the push to protect its habitat? Well I grew up in a small logging town of N. California and I can remember it hurt the logging industry when a lot of government land was closed for logging. To this day. Quite a few saw mills closed down over the next 10-15 years. Most areas logged now are private sells. Now imagine what will happen when Bigfoot is recognized by all that they exist. Don’t get me wrong, I believe they should and need to be protected. I am just giving a reason the government might cover it up. To protect the lumber industry. I believe one of the first Bigfoot shot stories here on Cryptomundo the guy talked that is the reason the Canadian government covers it up there. Just my opinion, I have no numbers, facts, or evidence to back this up.

  12. Paul78 responds:


    Fair enough that is quite a convincing reason for them to cover it up, but i’m still sceptical of conspiracies.

  13. Red Earth White Lies responds:


    “…New Mexico Park’s Department. During her term of employment there was a big “washout” in one of the Park regions and I’m assuming it was up in Pueblo country around Taos. The flash flood scoured out embankments and in doing so a large number of anomalous skeletons were exposed. Lisa and her colleagues were assigned the task of gathering up the remains and placing them into crates. Also in attendance at the site were Smithsonian Institute officials and FBI agents.

    Each day as Lisa and the other Park’s Department employees went onto the site, they were searched for cameras. Similarly they were searched as they left the site each day to make sure they weren’t removing artifacts. They were also obliged to sign “secrecy documents” ensuring that they would never divulge details of their participation in this undertaking…”

  14. CDC responds:

    I have talked with quite a few forest service people over the years, and only a handful believe in Bigfoot animal, but there were a few in that handful that said they have seen the animal or its tracks.

    The one thing that struck me about one Ranger I spoke with was in 2002, he told me he had seen a wolverine in the snow not too far from Lake Tahoe. Of course, at the time I did not believe that animal existed anywhere near that area. Until of course, years later, it was caught on trail cam.

    That same Ranger had also said he had seen two sets of Bigfoot tracks in the snow off a remote dead end road.

    These folks know more about what is out there in the woods than I ever will, so I will not be the one to question them as to what they believe to be out there. They can be wrong, or even lying like anyone else, just as they can be telling the truth.

  15. Indianhiway responds:

    The ranger prefaced his statements like a true native American. He said:

    “I don’t try to sell it to nobody, because they’re real. Just like ‘you’ know that camera is real, nobody can tell you any different.”

    As far as the ruttin’ season, any musician who plays in bars every Saturday night, if they pay attention to people, can tell you even humans are more amorous in the fall.

  16. Indianhiway responds:

    I just watched the video again and the ranger never said anything about a cover-up, he simply agreed with the news caster that they don’t acknowledge their existence. So, it wasn’t like he had breached some “sworn-to-secrecy-security-code”.

    I do like that rangers style though.

  17. Opalman responds:


    ‘If anyone believes the US Government is keeping Bigfoot secret, then they are paranoid and need to ask themselves why. What would be the point or reason to keep an animal secret? I can understand if say someone was into alien conspiracy; but crypto-conspiracy, no.’

    No discourteousness intended but either you live in a remote region without media access or you’re just not paying attention. I for one am not paranoid regarding anything and I continually ask myself ‘why’ regarding a myriad of topics, including this one.

    One such ‘Why’ is because of money, greed and the governments self imposed proclivity for maintaining the status quo. For the record I am a pro-business, pro-capitalist conservative and I have no environmental axes to grind. From The EPA’s own agriculture website:

    The United States has about 736.7 million acres of forest land. Of that land, approximately 249.1 million acres (33.8 percent) are owned by the Federal Government. The remaining 487.6 million acres are owned by nonfederal entities, such as State or local governments, private citizens, or companies.

    The NFS (National Forest System) contains 191 million acres, or 77 percent, of Federal forest lands. The NFS is contained in 43 States and creates about 500,000 private sector jobs. Of the remaining nonfederal forests, privately held commercial forest lands make up the largest portion, accounting for 347 million acres (71 percent).

    Two-thirds of U.S. forest lands, or almost 490 million acres, are classified as timberlands. Timberlands are defined as forest lands used for the production of commercial wood products. Commercial timberland can be used for repeated growing and harvesting of trees. Seventy percent of U.S. timberland is located in the East.
    Of the 490 million acres of timberland, Federal, State, and local governments own 131 million acres (27 percent) and non-industrial private entities own 288 million acres (59 percent). Private timberlands are mostly on small tracts of forest land. Only 600,000 landowners have holdings larger than 100 acres. The forest products industry owns about 70 million acres (14 percent) of commercial timberland. One-third of the nation’s annual timber harvest is from these forests.

    The United States is the world’s leading producer and consumer of forest products and accounts for about one-fourth of the world’s production and consumption. The United States is also the world’s largest producer of softwood and hardwood lumber. In 1996, total annual sales for commercial (nonfederal) timber and non-timber forest products was approximately $3.8 billion. Timber alone accounted for approximately 69 percent of those sales. Also in 1996, Federal lands combined to produce approximately $75 million in timber and non-timber forest products.

    Please note that these are figures for 1996. Current economic figures are markedly higher in dollar per resource unit due to economic inflation and increased world demand. A huge part of this lumber industry would suddenly become “history”. (I’m not sure that this would’t end up in being a wonderful outcome at some far distant and future date, after all has recovered economically)

    In my lifetime if I’ve learned anything it is that the answers to many of life’s mysteries can be found by “ following the money”
    The question that makes more sense to me is “why” wouldn’t the Government cover up knowledge of the existence of sasquatch.

  18. deimos responds:

    people will believe only what they will. my favorites are the ones who say if they don’t see it with their own eyes then it can’t be real. but they believe in the cold and flu even though they never looked through a microscope and saw for themselves.

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