ThinkerThunker – Timbergiantbigfoot – New Discoveries!!!

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 26th, 2014

ThinkerThunker takes a look at TimberGiantBigfoot’s footage.

TimberGiantBigfoot took A LOT of heat after posting his “Giant Revealed” footage. Critics blasted him saying it was a bear, a man in a monkey suit, etc … Whatever it was; it wasn’t alone 🙂

Timbergiantbigfoot’s original footage

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5 Responses to “ThinkerThunker – Timbergiantbigfoot – New Discoveries!!!”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    Stinker Stunker should take his sunglasses off and further review this footage…he even flips the actual gorilla image to one side to better match this blurry, indistinct video. At this resolution, any suit would perform as well. My son and I could reproduce this footage with a ratty old fur coat and a woman’s long-sleeved, furred fashion glove. In fact, we would have to use inferior equipment and purposely louse up the resolutions to match it. He says, “We have never seen one of these monkey suits (as an explanation)…they’re dead”. Actually, you’re looking at one one in this video. The “Lump Footage” is well named and ends in classic Bigfoot hoax video fashion by jerking the camera and panning up into the trees, never affording any kind of a good look at the participants.

  2. traveller responds:

    I haven’t been a fan of Timbergiantbigfoot, thought the last video of his I saw was a set-up. I hadn’t seen this one and without ThinkerThunker I wouldn’t have believed it was any more legit than the last one. But ThinkerThunker has a fine eye for detail and even when its very blurry detail can spot the movement of little fingers. No one else had seen this genuine action taking place. You think that Timbergiantbigfoot would have at least alluded to the “baby” if he was trying to hoax us. Time for someone professional to tag along with him, an anthropologist for example. A drone for a tracking view might be useful too, though those forests look easy to hide in.

  3. shownuff responds:

    Straight BS. He says he’s an expert in CGI. Then manipulates the picture to make us see what he wants us to see. Sorry thinker dumber keep it moving. Must be a Sasquatch hunters from Canada all stick together

  4. PhotoExpert responds:

    LOL @ ThinkerThunker

    As with all ThinkerThunker analysis of video, he sees Bigfoots in every one of them. This is not objective analysis but I did not have to say that to any of the intelligent readers at this site.

    ThinkerThunker always narrows down the choice to a highly priced animatronic head or Bigfoot. He always tries to pigeonhole the viewers into 2 choices, both so illogical that one is forced to to pick the lesser of the two evils, while excluding much more logical possibilities.

    BelieverThunker is just that–a believer. He is fanatical about Bigfoot to the extent that he sees things that are just not conclusive or just not there to begin with. As an objective and rational person, I have a problem with this. Don’t tell me 2 + 2 = 5. It does not! But when narrowing down the choices of what 2 + 2 equals, and my only choices are 5 or 1,000, neither are right. Some people will pick 5 as the correct answer because it seems more correct than 1,000. It is the lesser of the two evils when picking 5. However, some of us will never go along with what is wrong. And what is wrong is not only ThinkerThunker’s conclusions but also his analysis.

    Why would anyone seriously listen to this? I listen for the comedic value. I just saw Jon Lovitz last night for the same reason. I went and listened for the comedic value, a laugh. And this is the only reason I watched this video. And it did not disappoint!

    Here is a guy that got a hold of some CGI software, learned how to use it and proclaims himself ThinkerThunker. He holds no credentials except that he is a Bigfoot fanatic. I’ll give him that and agree he is fanatical.

    Great! Go out and enjoy your hobby. Analyze some videos as an amature with that video. But don’t try to pass of your shoddy explanations with viewers as proof of Bigfoot especially when you want everyone to believe 5 is the right answer. You still don’t have the equation written correctly. None of ThinkerThunker’s narrowed down choices will ever equal the correct answer because those choices are based on assumptions or his beliefs and not the evidence at hand.

    But I do give ThinkerThunker credit. In his quest and concern to get views or hits on his videos, he does thank his viewers for getting him to those numbers. At least he has manners.

    And I also give him credit for promoting and marketing his T-shirts at his site. Nicely done!

    So ThinkerThunker, stick to trying to build how many hits you get and stick to the T-shirt sales. This is your area of expertise. And you could be successful at it. As for analyzing video, for me, you are a complete failure. That is unless the reason you analyze video and put out these videos is to bolster the number of hits you get a your website or on YouTube. Or it could be to increase the number of T-shirt sales. If that is the case, have at it and I wish you luck!

    If you are analyzing video for the sole purpose of thinking you have found the missing link, please cease and desist! Just stop!

  5. Stepdaddy82 responds:

    44:55 of “The Giant Revealed , Narrated , with The Missing Clips” tells me all I need to know. It’s a dude (you can even see part of his face when he sits up) facing the bottom right corner of your screen holding a smaller person, who has his/her left arm around the right (his right) side of the dude’s neck. You can see the man’s right arm/hand (right under the stripe) lose contact & move up the smaller person’s lower back.Also, notice the difference in the “stripe(s). That means the dude was facing our left @ 35:00 & our right @ 45:00.

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