What To Do If You Find Bigfoot Flesh, Blood, Bone, or Other DNA

Posted by: Kirk Sigurdson on May 8th, 2014

As for a prudent modus operandi for any bigfooter who finds significant DNA evidence, here is a basic sense of the steps required for scientific disclosure to the general public:

1. Select at least two separate groups of researchers that can be sworn to absolute secrecy.

2. Vet these two groups for their ability to grasp the importance of keeping the tests private. Prudence dictates that all involved parties must be prepared to assume that once the lid comes off the “cookie jar,” it will be only a matter of a few days, or possibly even hours, before the researchers and the bigfooters who either found or currently possess the body are threatened, coerced, bribed, attacked (professionally or literally), or even killed to obtain it, and to cover up its existence.

It has been estimated that one complete bigfoot body is found about once every 3-5 years. There are very good reasons why these finds never become public, and if they do, why they are then switched with hoaxes, and/or bogus data and findings.

3. Distribute tissue/bone/tooth samples to a dozen or so trusted friends in as wide of a geographic and cultural array as possible. Strive to choose friends and acquaintances that do not know each other, and do not know which others have the samples. Resist the urge to give samples to family members. They are the first people who will be interrogated and threatened.

4. Give up any hope of “getting rich” on the find you have made. Greed makes you an easy target. The more people that have the evidence, the harder it is for corporate and governmental interests (really the same thing at this point in time) to steal the genetic material, and to erase any trace of its existence.

If you find a dead bigfoot body, and through some miracle, manage to get it away from the place you have found it without being attacked by other bigfoots, treat the body as if you have found one billion dollars worth of gold that you can never hope to spend.

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Kirk Sigurdson About Kirk Sigurdson
Kirk Edward Sigurdson attended New York University, where he earned a Master's degree in English literature. His master's thesis entitled "A Gothic Approach to HP Lovecraft's Sense of Outsideness" was published in Lovecraft Studies Journal. After writing three novels while living in Manhattan's East Village, Sigurdson returned to his native state of Oregon. It wasn’t long before he began work on a fresh new novel that drew upon his knowledge of the sasquatch phenomenon. As research, he ventured dozens of times into sasquatch "hot spots" for overnighters, often with friends who shared some very unique experiences. He also drew upon childhood exposure to sasquatch calls and knocking that occurred during family camping trips to Horseshoe Lake in the Cascades mountains. Kirk Sigurdson is currently a Professor of Writing and English literature at Portland Community College.

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