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Posted by: John Kirk on April 8th, 2014


This is the exhibit I was down in Yakima to see. The opening reception was spectacular and the exhibit itself was just beautifully put together. Bob Gimlin, Thomas Steenburg, Barry Blount, Chris Murphy and I thought the exhibit was put together in the most interesting manner ever. It’s well worth seeing.

This is what Chris Murphy had to say about the exhibit:

I have just arrived home from Yakima where I attended the opening of my sasquatch exhibit at the Yakima Valley Museum…

We were all totally ASTOUNDED at the superior job this museum as done in presenting my exhibit. Thomas, Barry, and I arrived in the early afternoon. Museum curator Andy Granitto and other museum staff were just finishing-up in preparation for the 4:00 p.m. opening. Seriously folks, the exhibit is absolutely marvelous. Andy has essentially used everything I have collected over the past 20 years and presented it in the most professional manner I have seen, for my exhibit, or any exhibit for that matter.

Some of my material has not seen the light in a public exhibit since I obtained it many years ago. I always provide everything to museums, giving them the option as to what they wish to use. When I first corresponded with Andy in December 2013, he told me he intended to display absolutely as much as he could. I kind of raised my eyebrows because I knew the extent of what was involved. I also wondered about the arrangement of artifacts and so forth — proper placement (putting related items together). What Andy and his people have done is amazing — not only is everything properly placed, but it is perfectly presented — right angle, right lighting, great exhibit cards.

Even Steenburg, who does not mince words, looked at me with wide eyes — he was speechless!. The three of us sort of went into a huddle and agreed this this was the best we have ever seen. Barry was our official photographer and set about immediately to get photographs. I will be providing you with a presentation as soon as I can.

The opening was very well attended with the best “refreshments” I have seen at an exhibit — tables of wonderful finger-food in abundance and

The museum director, John Baule, introduced me and I gave a short talk. I drew attention to Bob Gimlin and highlighted the Patterson/Gimlin
experience. Jan Brassinne then presented me with her wonderful painting (immediately placed in the exhibit).

Many people in attendance came up to Tom, Barry, Bob, John, and I and related their sasquatch experiences — Bob was continually surrounded.

John Baule briefly discussed with me ideas for going forward — having presentations at the museum. With that exhibit available for people, there is nothing more we could ask for — it’s a massive learning experience.. Perhaps there are some thoughts here??

All “us guys” got together later and compared notes. Yakima is definitely a great place for an exhibit of this nature. It is also a really lovely city. You will not regret a visit…

More later, Chris

Sasquatch spotted in Yakima, new exhibit opens at museum

YAKIMA, Wash. — Sasquatch is making his way to Yakima. A new exhibit opens at the Yakima Valley Museum on Saturday.

It includes artifacts like alleged footprints, first-person accounts of sightings and analysis from scientists. The exhibit also gives a history of Sasquatch legends from North America and Asia.

The museum’s director says all the information makes the legend hard to deny.

“Jane Goodall summed it up the best because she said, ‘Yeah, it’s kind of not what I would have thought, but, by the time I finished reading all this information, there’s too much out there to say, I can’t say that it’s definitely not so,'” said John Baule. “And, I kind of have that same feeling now too.”

John Kirk About John Kirk
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