Boggy Creek Monster: The Truth Behind The Legend

Posted by: Seth Breedlove on September 6th, 2016

A new film chronicling the frightening history of the Bigfoot-like “Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek” is headed to screens this November. A new trailer has just been released for the feature-length, documentary, featuring a slew of dramatic imagery that gives insight into the look and tone. The film is titled Boggy Creek Monster and is the third in a series called Small Town Monsters. Created by an award-winning production company from Ohio, “Boggy Creek” looks to shine a light on an event that deeply impacted the entire state of Arkansas.

The film centers around the true stories that inspired the famed Charles B Pierce-directed, 1972 horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The subject has been re-visited by multiple, campy horror films and occasionally featured on television shows such as Finding Bigfoot. However, the reality behind the Fouke Monster sightings has never been documented. All that will change when Small Town Monsters release their picture on November 11th.

Today, the company has put forth a trailer for the film which is set for premier on November 11th. The trailer shows the swamps, rivers, creeks and historical locations featured in the film intermingled with eyewitnesses, and features author Lyle Blackburn who wrote the famed, “The Beast of Boggy Creek” biography of the Fouke Monster. The film will have a special sneak preview at a festival in Minerva, Ohio called Monster Day and will likely see a premiere in Arkansas on November 11th. It will initially be available on DVD through, and internet streaming services such as Vimeo OnDemand and Amazon.

Artist Sam Shearon has created an incredible poster capturing the foreboding ambience of the film, which is written, directed and produced by Seth Breedlove who is joined by producer/composer, Brandon Dalo. Lyle Blackburn, will also act as a co-producer and consultant. The Small Town Monsters Company expanded its crew for this project to include cinematographer, Zac Palmisano, along with Jason Utes and Aaron Gascon in production roles.

Seth Breedlove About Seth Breedlove
Seth Breedlove is a freelance investigative journalist, filmmaker, and radio show host. He has contributed content to numerous websites on a variety of topics. He served as a columnist for the Massillon Independent, helming a weekly column titled "Slice of Life" that ran on the front page of the paper. In addition to his column he has covered news stories and daily assingnments for the Medina Gazette. In 2014 he started SasWhat: a Podcast About Bigfoot with co-host Mark Matzke where each week they discuss the subject as a whole and interview various personalities from the field. Seth has also researched and examined historical Bigfoot reports from across the country, compiling an extensive database of newspaper articles dating back to the early 1800's.

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