Bigfoot Massacre Theorist, John Green & Coverup

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 24th, 2009


Sometimes you have to wonder why some people say what they say.

It appears, despite the apologies and retirement statements of one-time admired Bigfooter M. K. Davis, he is back at it again.

He is “seeing” things in the various Bluff Creek area films (the Patterson-Gimlin footage and footage that John Green and Rene Dahinden used in their speaking engagements about the event) that few others see. It looks like this may have to be a topic here for a few days to fully reveal the new fantasies now occurring.

Did you know that the “killing field” scenario now involves “Sasquatch skin,” “a bloody leg,” and “baying dogs,” to name a few other incredible items that Davis has pointed out? And John Green now has been pulled into this mess and is being accused of a cover-up of the killing of Bigfoot.

[Update: The embedding of the following videos has been disabled. Upon further checking, M. K. Davis’ YouTube account, under the name primateer1 (which is a variation on his MySpace name, primateer) has been closed. Video captures of some of his “evidence” still exist, however. See below.]

M.K. Davis’ recent uploads have looked more like political rants than Bigfoot research, of late.

If one wishes to enhance a photograph or images in a way to reinforce a theory, of course, a fantastic conclusion can be drawn. Anyone can change color tone in videos of people to produce “red hands.”

A little background…

During the last few years, after establishing trust within the Bigfoot community, due to stabilizing the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film, M. K. Davis began reporting he saw all kinds of new physical characteristics (e.g. a ponytail, top knot, braids, white skin, humaness) for the Bigfoot in the 1967 footage.

As you may recall, before the Georgia hoax fiasco, the early Bigfoot story of 2008 was of M. K. Davis’s Bluff Creek Bigfoot “massacre theory.”

Davis, with the support of a small group of true believers, felt that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were involved in a massive coverup in which groups of men gunned down a “tribe” of Bigfoot late in October 1967. The famed October 20, 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage, according to Davis, is merely the deceptive end result of the killing fields.

During the spring of 2008, M. K. Davis shared what he was thinking with the greater Bigfoot community, in Ohio, at Don Keating’s conference, with individuals at a publicly-held small gathering. He felt that “Patty,” the nickname given to Bigfoot in the famed film of October 20, 1967, was part of a “massacre.” Those individuals in that meeting carried the information to a wider audience. The chatter grew louder and louder.

M.K. never did actually say the words “Patty was shot.” But he sure as heck lead us in that direction.John Cartwright, May 25, 2008.

People there reported that Davis speculated that Patty was shot twice, allegedly by Robert Gimlin, who has steadfastly maintained he merely stood guard with his rifle. Gimlin says he did not fire one shot at the Bigfoot he saw that day. And indeed, Davis says he never said any such thing, as such. But the source of the speculation was M. K. Davis. As the buzz reached an apex, a backhoe burying Bigfoot bodies, Gimlin as “trigger man,” and blood pools were part of the storyline.

Perhaps the words, “Patty was shot” were never uttered, but people who attended his informal talk came away with the impression that that is what he meant….In fact, Davis claimed that she was shot at again, and showed where her hair moves and she bobs her head in “reaction” to the bullet just missing her. It’s clear that Davis meant to make a case that Patty had been shot, and my correspondents did not understand this case to be provisional in any way.D. B. Donlon, Blogsquatcher, May 23, 2008.

Rapidly, the theory was unfolding, and an exclusive lengthy statement from someone who has been involved from the beginning with M. K. Davis, regarding the supposed killings, came from filmmaker redacted by Cryptomundo.

Absolute nonsense! Wild fantasy! – Dmitri Bayanov

The reaction was swift, and after some miscues, such as a Florida Davis associate who attempted to get the wrong county to start an investigation, the “massacre” speculation seemed to be backfiring.

I’ve received that fantastic info about shooting Bigfoot in the Patterson film. I think it’s just fancy, just imagination by MK.Igor Bourtsev

Finally, Davis said he was through with it all.

Indeed, M. K. Davis had retired from the Bigfoot field before in 2007, but in 2008, he said he was through. But like Bret Favre, you can’t believe everything you hear from some people.

After stirring up many people and throwing the whole status of the Patterson-Gimlin film into doubt, Davis sent the following message, which was published on Cryptomundo, regarding his Bigfoot massacre investigations:

Hello Loren.

I have ceased all public scrutiny of this film.

No more theory or conjecture will be forthcoming from me on it.

* * *

Regards, M.K.Davis June 15, 2008 11:15:52 AM EDT

But now, in 2009, Davis and his disciples are back.

“I have ceased all public scrutiny of this film,” he wrote me in 2008. The man always seems to be choosing his words carefully, often making the excuse that this was supposed to be private research.

But it is obvious from M. K. Davis’ recent public YouTube postings that he is back – publicly. Each time he returns, his claims for what he sees in the footage he “analyzes” and the associated images become more and more bizarre.

Davis has employed “retirement” deception as a distraction technique, now twice (2007 & 2008), to remove heat from himself, and appears to also use agents provocateurs to get his “messages” out there. This pattern now has occurred so often, since we are into the third episode of M. K. Davis stirring up the field thusly, a quote from an old intelligence agent who wrote spy novels seems appropriate:

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”
— Auric Goldfinger, (via Ian Fleming)

Over the weekend, John Green informed me that one of those people who has taken Davis’ material hook, line, and sinker, is pushing along the old images showing up in Davis’ new “evidence,” that purport to show Green being on site to clean up the “body parts” of the “dead Bigfoot” allegedly killed at Bluff Creek, 1967.

Needless to say, Green feels that M. K. Davis, and now Davis’s new associate, Dave Paulides, have lost all credibility in his eyes.

Here are pieces of the latest “evidence” for this:

But what is actually there versus what Davis and friends are “seeing” in those above images?

It doesn’t stop there. Shadows and tree limbs can become body parts in M. K. Davis’ brave new world.

Blogsquatcher’s haunting but elegantly simple statement, below, reflects on how people feel about the eventual outcome of M. K. Davis’ poisoning of the waters with his incredibly unsupportable “Bigfoot massacre” or “Bluff Creek killing field” theory:

You’ll ultimately have to decide for yourselves how you feel about [M. K. Davis’ speculations]. I will leave you with this thought though — for more than 40 years, nothing has been able to diminish the impact of the [Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot] Film. But maybe this grand conspiracy theory will.D. B. Donlon, Blogsquatcher, May 22, 2008.

More tomorrow….

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

26 Responses to “Bigfoot Massacre Theorist, John Green & Coverup”

  1. DTK responds:

    I’ve got an M.K. Davis slide-show where he says that It’s not likely that Roger Patterson was involved in any Sasquatch hunt. He left out any mention of Bob Gimlin however. I was under the impression that Patterson and Gimlin were not even in the area at the time that the Blue Mt. and Onion Mt. tracks were filmed, which is also when they shot the “dog” footage, down at a Bluff Creek sand bar. Am I mistaken?

  2. Kimble responds:

    YES! I love SquatchOperas.

    I was getting a little bored with no Bigfoot craziness to talk about at the water-cooler with my fellow ‘Squatch friends. I don’t recall anything this spring of note. Last winter was the Benefoot and it’s been a year since the Georgia Boys.

    Thank you MK!

  3. DWA responds:



    “That’s it. I’m quitting. I’m retiring. It’s all over. I’m coming back to play with the Vikings, I’m tired of all this, I’m going to give the Packers all I’ve got. I never can say goodbye. So for the last time until next time, so long. Hello. I’m done. I’m back. No, done! No, back again! OK, I’m done/back. I’ve stabilized my long throws, which is why you all loved me in the first place, and Bob Gimlin, who is innocent, was in on the massacre all along. The Jets will get the best I’ve got, but I can’t play another game. Bigfoot is real, an apelike human, a humanlike ape, with a bullet hole right here. And a topknot. And John Green, the only guy I haven’t mentioned, I now have. So. There it is. I’m taking questions but I won’t answer anything. No, I never said that. No, not THAT that. THIS that.”


  4. Lu Ann Lewellen responds:

    John Green was there eight months later. There wouldn’t be any dang body parts left.

    MK, seriously, get help. There are medications that can be useful for this.

  5. Artist responds:

    “Sheesh-a-rama” indeed, DWA!

    Perhaps the kinds of enthusiasts fascinated by “fringe” subjects – Cryptos, UFOs, ghosts, ESP, the Paranormal in general – are more easily drawn to the extremes of those arenas, creating both dedicated debunkers and wild-eyed whackos… and aren’t they all parts of the same picture, giving colorful balance to the intense commentaries of earnest researchers and armchair expeditioners alike?

    Maybe every controversy NEEDs its Beckjords, Klasses and Randis to anchor its bell-curve of rationality.

  6. graybear responds:

    I hope the Georgia Bigfoot Body boys are keeping tabs on all this, they could learn a lot. They were clumsy and dumb for allying themselves with Biscardi. M.K. Davis, now, he has got STUPID down to an art form.

  7. ForestDude responds:

    The Youtube videos have been removed by the user. Maybe MK found out that Loren had linked them and didn’t want anyone else to see them.

  8. John Cartwright responds:


    My Goodness. M.K. is really still beating this dead horse? I sat there in that Ohio lobby in May 2008 and listened to M.K. talk. All I could think about was poor Bob Gimlin. How much more can he be crucified in public? Why does he deserve to be treated in this way? I am disgusted to be a part of a community, that would continue to do these things. There must be something we can do to stop this behavior.

    John Cartwright
    Sasquatch Watch of VA.

  9. wdsasquatch responds:

    Iam pretty sure if Patty was bein “hunted” she would have been movin a little quicker than she was! M.K. this just didnt happen!

  10. springheeledjack responds:

    MK definitely went off the deep end–we have plenty of other conspiracy theory nonsense without having BF on the grassy knoll…sheesh!

    Oh well, some people can’t leave well enough alone…and the best we can do is shake our heads and move on…rebutt this nonsense when it rears its ugly head and keep on looking.

    I don’t think it will have ill effects on the P/G footage…as was just discussed in another thread, people have pretty much made up their minds on the footage…it’s either BF or it ain’t and even the MK goofiness is not going to dissuade anyone…the only ill it really does is give cryptos and BFers another bad rap for being “out there.”

    Obviously he has just looked waaaaaaaaaayyy too hard and waaaaaaaaayyy too long at the footage.

    Moving on.

  11. subrosa responds:

    What is even MORE amusing is that someone could see this as ‘evidence’ and report it to the local prosecutor (wrong County, at first) as a crime (Bigfoot massacre). Talk about being off!

  12. DTK responds:

    Thanks Lu,

    I thought it went down that way.

    Mr. Davis feels that Roger was on BM & OM road with John Green and the rest of the guys because he believes that Roger is showing some casts (in a later picture) that are a perfect match for the BM & OM tracks. I tried to match Roger’s casts with the BM & OM tracks and they don’t fit at all. Plus, as you confirmed, Roger and Bob were away at that time and could not have made those casts.

    (The “later picture” I’m referring to is one of two where Roger is posing in front of some kind of snow machine or tractor with 15 casts sprawled out beside him).

    I read somewhere that John Green said that the “Dog” film was made at the same time as the BM & OM tracks were shot, only it was down the Mountain (Onion?) on a Bluff Creek sandbar. They were looking for more tracks and hoped the dog would pick up the scent of the creatures that made them. That makes more sense to me than some Bigfoot blood bath!

    Anyway, thanks for the confirmation. You’ve always been a bountiful source of information.

  13. AlbertaSasquatch responds:

    I knew M.K. was off his rocker last year, but now David Paulides has aligned himself with Davis? If that is indeed true, then Mr. Paulides must be off of his rocker too.

    If you were a respected(I can’t vouch for that) bigfoot investigator/researcher/author, police investigator, why would you align yourself with someone that is considered to be a whacko by the rest of the community? What is his motivation to throw his chips in with M.K.? I just don’t get it! His credibility just flew down the tubes and now he is left with nothing but a stinking, rotting, bigfoot massacre that never happened.

    I really enjoyed his book “The Hoopa Project” and I was just about to buy his new book “Tribal Bigfoot” but now I have to definitely think about it. Actually, I probably will still buy it but everything will be taken with a grain of salt. If you are reading this Mr. Paulides, please say it isn’t so!

  14. Lu Ann Lewellen responds:

    @DTK –

    John Green was in the area for the OM/BCM trackways in late August and early September, 1967. Al Hodgson called Yakima and reported the new track finds to Patricia Patterson. Roger and Bob were in the St. Helens area at the time. Those were the tracks that got Roger and Bob to California – they had hopes of filming some for the documentary.

    John filmed Jim McClarin at Bluff Creek eight months after the PGF was filmed.

  15. LordBalto responds:

    This all begins to remind me of the stupidity that passes for research in the UFO field, and I have to assume the same forces of obscurantism are operating here too. No one on either side of the public debate on the issue really wants a solution one way or the other. They all have their little axes to grind, be they financial, social, or power related. And the hangers on just play the fools in the little mind games of the leaders. Take note. I’m on to you guys.

  16. jum1801 responds:

    Wow. Davis and his supporters must have unbelievably good eyesight, because I don’t see anything but blobs and shadows where they see all those parts of bodies. You know, I bet if they spent a little more time futzing with the photos they can find the message that one of the dying ‘squatches left in the dirt to be found later: “It was my ribcage in the film.”

    This massacre stuff and the “proof” Davis and Paulides offer in support is so weak as to give weakness a bad name. Rational persons who are able to objectively assess the “evidence” simply can not accept this bizarre fantasy about a bigfoot massacre. The only persons who can honestly believe there is some “evidence” of a bigfoot killing are credulous fools and simple-minded fools. They’re the ones who also believe a Nigerian government official would ask them to help recover a large fund of money and would then would handsomely reward them, but only after turning over their bank account information. They’re the folks who think they can pick the winning card in the three-card monte game run on the street corner. The ones who, when the IRS man knocks on the door and says not to worry because he’s there to help them, breathe a huge sigh of relief.

    But for those who obviously aren’t that gullible and dull, how can they support such a transparently false and fantastic proposition as this massacre? Unfortunately, they’re the ones who send the letters claiming to be a Nigerian official who needs help recovering a few million dollars from a secret bank account. They’re the slick boys who run the three-card monte games that the suckers always lose when it counts. They are the bureaucrats who smile to themselves when the simple boobs actually believe that the government only wants to help them.

    In short, they’re nothing but cynical hucksters and con men of the same stripe as the Georgia freezer boys, who think they see a chance to make a quick and dirty buck; an opportunity to squeeze a few more nickels out of the pathetic, gullible dolts one more time. And they should be ashamed. But they got past feeling guilty about what they do a long, long time ago.

  17. dogu4 responds:

    Mr D’s doing something in the absence of any real or even marginally worthwhile work. I hope he gets better.

  18. Imaginary Friend responds:

    This is the ultimate Photo-Blob Drama Rama. Just another blip in the history of Bigfoot, but this guy has all ready jumped the shark . . . or the ribcage . . . or whatever.

  19. praetorian responds:

    Cryptozoology attracts its share of nutcases and opportunists. The burden is on us, members of the community, to police ourselves and prevent nonsense like the “Massacre Theory” from contaminating all the legitimate research that’s being done.

    Bravo to Loren for using this website and the strength of his reputation to prevent self-serving silliness like this from going unchallenged.

  20. mrbf2006 responds:

    I think this is a very revealing article, and it is also revealing that M.K. suspended his account on YouTube. I have to wonder why he suspended it and why he has removed all his videos. Even though M.K. is a friend, I do have to wonder about him and about why he is continuing this nonsense. And that is exactly what it is, nonsense. I have met and spoken to Bob Gimlin, and I just do not think he had anything to do with a cover-up or a shooting. I certainly do not believe it of John Green either. I think M.K. really needs to step away from this film and take a long break from it. He is really seeing things that are not there.

  21. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    It is the people like M. K. Davis who give cryptozoology a bad name.

    There, I said it.

  22. cryptidsrus responds:

    I actually like Brett Favre.

    Wishy-washy to the Nth degree, but I like the guy. Money is a good motivator for a lot of people to keep “changing their minds”, I guess. 🙂

    Ultimately I feel sadness at all of this “Davis-Green” brouhaha. It distracts from legitimate research and documentation of sightings. Plus it gives debunkers and ultra-skeptics “ammunition” in their attempts to discredit Cryptozoology as a legitimate discipline.

    I don’t think Davis “needs psychiatric help.”
    But by continuing to engage in unverified speculation AND potentially libelous accusations with a respected and legitimate Crypto researcher, he is really inviting ridicule upon his person and deligitimization of his beliefs. Well, he’s the one who is hurting himself. And without any smidgen of proof to back up his claims, he is REALLY digging a hole for himself with a BIG shovel.

    And by keeping the “story” going, more attention is given to something that does not deserve scrutiny. And gives it an extended “shelf life.”
    That is of course, MY opinion. Loren would see it differently.
    And that’s fine. Just think there are better things to talk about than Davis giving Crypto Research a Black Eye and then persisting on doing it. His views have already been summarily dismissed. What’s the point of airing them further???

  23. DWA responds:

    cryptidsrus/Labyrinth_13: you’re preaching to the choir here, for sure.

    How can scoftics continue to have such traction, baldly obstructing legitimate scientific inquiry, ignoring the evidence utterly, and generally not having the slightest idea what they are talking about?

    People like Davis are why. Plus the attention they get that they simply shouldn’t be getting.

    This stuff doesn’t need to be analyzed. It needs to be laughed at, or better yet, ignored.

    Scoftics – in lieu of the evidence for their case, of which they have none – keep saying that what keeps crypto alive is a desire to believe. Well, no. That’s what keeps scofticism alive. Or any line of thinking (like, say, Davis’s, which is to crypto as sawdust is to a redwood forest) backed by nothing originating in the real world.

    But here, we see how it works. If this were your only exposure to the sasquatch, well, what would YOU think?

    Me too.

  24. airforce47 responds:

    Thank you Loren for good reporting as usual. However, I wonder if this subject deserves the amount of your time that is being put into it. There are other forums for Bigfoot subjects which aren’t main stream and border on the “fringe elements” as Dr. Krantz use to like to say.

    There simply is no solid evidence for any kind of massacre and the speculation of such damages the reputation of good men like Bob Gimlin and John Green. I go back to the fact that any detail recovered from the Patterson Film which goes beyond the resolution of the film is not reliable for evidential purposes but can be interesting for discussion only. My best,

  25. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    Let me soften my original post by saying this: I think that M.K. Davis did remarkable work with his stablization of the Patterson/Gimilin film. If he had stopped there, he would have held a much nicer place in cryptozoological history. He didn’t and it really saddens me to see so much ammunition handed to the opposing forces out there in the world.

  26. squatchimo responds:

    C ya @ the conferance!

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