Standing & C2C: What’s the Punchline?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 27th, 2007

A Student Film Project on Steroids. Setting a Speed Record while Standing Still. Standing Out Promises Malaysian Mania. Standing While Running In Place: The Self-Help Documentary for Your Next Radio Appearance.

The imaginary subtitles were nonstop in my head as I tried to fall asleep on the night of July 14th.

Todd Standing was on the radio, it was the first time I’d ever heard him, and I couldn’t believe that what I was listening to was the guy designated as the new Bigfoot expert of the moment.

I notice Standing is going to be back on that same program, with the same host, tomorrow, Saturday, June 28th. Don’t get me wrong, I was fully in the host’s camp on this one. My sympathy was with the talk show moderator, all the way.

How can one speed way beyond any legal limit in Canada or the USA, while standing completely still? If you can’t answer that question then you weren’t listening to Todd Standing’s “I’m God’s Gift to Bigfoot” performance on “Coast to Coast AM” with Ian Punnett on Saturday, July 14, 2007. Standing’s speed-talking, self-promoting appearance was supposedly so he could comment on the BFRO Michigan expedition. Narcissistic is all it can be called.

Is Standing in the midst of some kind of joke? Or performance art?

Could there be any truth to the rumor that Standing is a fledging actor and this is all a grand play, a stunt, a gaff, if you will, complete with a stage name, which he’s playing on the Bigfoot community?

Stan Lee would never let this guy become a superhero. Let’s look at his C2C performance.

Standing didn’t answer any questions about Michigan from Ian Punnett.

Standing only talked about himself and his discoveries, while asking for more airtime, regularly.

Standing reported his latest Bigfoot tape and latest audio were extraordinary evidence of Bigfoot, but shared neither.

Standing had no logic. While claiming others could not get close to the creatues, he said Bigfoot should be left alone and yet said he could get within 40 feet of Bigfoot – and only through him could people learn how to do that.

Frankly, Standing talked so rapidly, in such a controlling fashion, speaking over Punnett, the guy sounded like he was on speed.

Where’s Standing’s proof? He seemed to be taking a page from the Biscardi appearances on C2C, with big promises made, but in the end delivers nothing.

Standing says he wants to protect Bigfoot, but he must understand this is outside the realm of any norm in endangered wildlife laws without proving the animal exists first. The petition, the Canadian legislative member (who, btw, has already withdrawn his support), and the media releases are publicity stunts with no substance.

Where did Todd Standing go to school? What degree does he have? Is this all merely a student film project on steroids? Who is Todd Standing?

Why are the only elements of Sasquatch history Standing seems to know about are linked to trigger words like Ruby Creek and Ape Canyon?

Why does he want to talk about violence and Bigfoot?

Why is he making claims about Bigfoot killing a human?

Frankly, I don’t think we’ve seen everything that is behind the curtain on this one.

Most troubling of all…why did Todd Standing place an ad (apparently published in the Spring of 2005) for actors to be in a film that sounds a lot like the one that he claims to have made about Sasquatch in Alberta?

Actors are invited to audition for a feature film to be shot in and around Edmonton in August. Seeking 9 male and 5 female actors 25 – 35 years old. For more info on the roles and for an audition appointment email or call Todd at (780) 232-5296.Ad at the Canadian Media Mag site (now archived)

See more on this ad and that angle here.

Does this have anything to do with Bigfoot? Apparently, very little.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

20 Responses to “Standing & C2C: What’s the Punchline?”

  1. MultipleEncounters responds:

    The same question remains unanswered: Does this ad even belong to the same ‘Todd’ as we’re talking about here?

    It may be that Mr. Standing is the only person who can answer this.

  2. Bob Michaels responds:

    Todd Standing went to the University of Sasquatch!

  3. kittycatbandit responds:

    Give ’em hell, Loren. I suggest you call in Saturday to CTC and give Mr. Standing a run for his money. Prove him to be a fraud!

  4. flame821 responds:

    While claiming others could not get close to the creatures, … and yet said he could get within 40 feet of Bigfoot – and only through him could people learn how to do that.

    Frankly, Standing talked so rapidly, in such a controlling fashion, speaking over Punnett

    Honestly he sounds like he’s trying to start a cult or cult-like following. ONLY through him can you receive the ‘special’ knowledge. ONLY he can grasp the truth and all others are not worthy or not as special or not as smart. Refusing to answer questions, being an attention wh0r3, insisting that ‘next time’ he’ll give you the answers. (yet I doubt he ever does)

    And I HATE it when someone with absolutely nothing to say insists on talking over or down to the person who actually has something constructive to add to the discussion.

    Comes across as a self-centered and self-serving yutz to me, and we don’t particularly need anymore of them in the world. Last thing we should do is feed their need for attention.

  5. showme responds:

    The Sylvanic website hasn’t really changed in the last 6 months. All that is updated is which radio program Mr. Standing will “grace” with his presence next.

    How many variations of Video 2 are we supposed to look at?

    Sadly, I think the media give Standing exposure because Bigfoot is a popular topic, no matter who talks about it. C2C listeners who don’t keep up with sasquatch forums probably don’t know the difference. The total number of listeners probably far outweighs us diehard cryptozoology enthusiasts.

    I just wish that Ian Punnett would demand proof of Bigfoot from Standing, live on C2C. (He supposedly has other videos in his possession) Let Standing have a timetable of about 1 month, and if he doesn’t produce anything new, never have him back on the show.

  6. CryptoInformant responds:

    The next time he is on C2C, Cryptomundo should make his life miserable. It would be entertaining to see the guy who sets land-speed records without so much as twitching a toe get rolled into a ball and tossed into the wastebasket of CZ, in public, with people observing the whole thing. That, and that alone, would make frauds like him think twice before disturbing the sleeping dragon known as “Cryptomundo members who are tired of idiots, wrapped in frauds, with a moronic filling.”

  7. Loren Coleman responds:

    Let me be clear: I am for the intellectual challenging of individuals who seem to be more talk that product, but that does not include making someone’s life miserable! Cryptomundo does not condone or support such actions via radio or lecture appearances, needless to say.

  8. elsanto responds:

    Before we too hastily liken Standing to Biscardi, let’s recall one important thing: Biscardi has, at least, done something somewhat resembling research.

    What astounds me is how someone like Todd Standing can, through fictitious creation, become recognized by C2C as an “expert.” Then again, this may be an elaborate satire of the entire field of cryptozoology, and if that’s the case Standing has achieved his aim: to ridicule the field by demonstrating that a person without having done any concrete research, can become an expert through the simple telling of tales.

    Were it true, it would be a serious blow to the field. However, attributing such an action to Todd Standing is a gross overestimation of his intelligence on the part of yours truly.

    Ultimately, this is only about one thing: Todd Standing’s 15 minutes of fame… of which he has clearly reached the zenith. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it seems like it’s going to be a very long 15 minutes; even as he hits nadir.

    Just my two cents.

  9. CBFResearcher responds:

    OK all, here it goes….

    I met and talked with Todd Standing and saw the film he has. Wish you all could see the latest stuff. Probably the next best I’ve seen since Patterson-Gimlin’s film. The one semi ok shot is still questionable that you can see at his site, however, that said, I went to a screeniing at the University of Calgary and his second and third film shots are very good. What I saw could not be repeated by a human at any time. Excellent footage of a sasquatch at 40 yards, not 40 feet! He even has an example of him trying to scale the ridge 20 feet up an embankment. The creature did it in under 3 seconds, Todd, at about 6 foot 1 inch and 190 lbs could not complete that task in the exact same place in under a minute and needed to grab the shelf and whatever he could to get up to the top. The creature he filmed did it in 3 steps without touching anything. Incredible film of a very large biped.

    Hopefully one day he will finish his project and release it to all in a much better way than the way he’s doing it, which is charging $5.00 (all proceeds to the local SPCA or Humane Society where it’s being shown) per showing.

    There is a case of Danny Hamilton that is virtually unknown as far as the details are concerned, but by the looks of the blood stains going up a rock face in his film and a freaked out brother of the supposed killed person, it is possible that if you annoy a primate the way he apparently did, you are likely to die… Animal instict overrides when trapped into a corner.

    Getting back to Todd, he in my opinion is credible, but takes it too far. I myself have as much knowledge or more about bigfoot but do not go blowing my horn like that. I keep it private, including my research locations, and have been rather successful. Footprints being the primary evidence….

    Todd is a nice guy and trying to do the right thing by attempting to protect the species and its’ habitat, but his self serving promotion is taking it a step too far.

    Just my opinion, but an educated one at that after having met him and seen the actual latest footage.

    Cheers all.

  10. CBFResearcher responds:

    Here I am again….

    I went to he links above about the casting call, which I never realized it was him until reasing it here and saw the phone number to reply to the ad for actors…

    I am going to call Todd this weekend and ask him about it and what relation it is/was to the film I saw of his documetary.

    His phone number is (780) 288-86** and is his direct cell phone number. At this time I don’t think it would be a good idea to give the complete number without his permission. I got the number from a local news station reporter here in Calgary and he didn’t seem to mind and said I can call anytime.

    I’ll post the results of my conversation with him here after we chat just so things are straight about the ad for actors and the coincidental footage shot of Sylvanic (Bigfoot) in the same time frame in 2005.

    Just to make things clear, the best footage was shot in 2006 on a second or third research trip to the site near “Video 2” And it is very clear and convincing.

    Til then,


  11. twblack responds:

    Well after reading CBF’s comments I do not know what to think now. He could have something or he may be a complete hoax??????

  12. john5 responds:

    Thanks for the perspective CBFResearcher. I missed Mr. Standing’s interview on C2C but it sounds like the pressure of being in possession of valuable film footage and other special knowledge of Sasquatch might be getting the best of him! Hopefully he can calm down enough to hold himself together and then continue to do All ‘the right things’ he would like to do with this valuable knowledge on behalf of these hairy hominids.

    As far as Sasquatch dispatching a human being goes, it is something that is truly difficult to accept. However there was a documentary I saw in ’74 about the Nahani River in southwest corner of the Northwest Territories and how the native legends of the area spoke of wild hairy men that dispatch any human beings that dare to travel the area.

    Being fond of Sasquatch I could not imagine that these ‘hairy men’ were representative. But over the years I have come across other encounter stories from the NWT, Yukon and Northern B.C. where the large hairy apemen would throw stones at the humans they met. Although these examples are also found elsewhere, as in Ape Canyon, the fact that threatening encounters in the lands of northwest Canada neighbouring the Nahani is I think of interest.

    The negative encounters gave rise to an interesting idea that Bigfoot may have up to several different subspecies, variants or groups all with bigfeet! The differences could represent genetic variations (there are the roundheads and pointed heads for example) and/or differences in culture between groups (such as hunters, fishers, gatherers etc. similar to chimps) all based on geographic location, isolation and environmental zones.

    Agreeably if one intentionally tries to annoy or harm these hominids the actions could be final for the one provoking. I do not know what kind of historical encounters the hominids living in the headwaters of the great Mackenzie River, its tributaries and lands to the west, had with the human beings living or journeying there, both native and later non-natives but I am led to believe that at some point prior to recorded history the encounters were neither positive nor peaceful.

    Maybe this sad footage of a deadly human encounter is the result of foolish harassment by humans or an encounter with a Nahani Wild Man

    Hopefully I will be able to view the amazing footage one day. If they are as claimed then bless your efforts Todd’s to obtain protection for Sasquatch (and the like!?) in Canada. Especially at a time when there is likely more people out there hunting for the hominids than ever before not forgetting to mention the loss of habitat.

    Peace to the Sasquatch everywhere!

    P.S. When thinking of ‘Sasquatch’, and in making a reference to them, it is the hominid variation that Patterson captured on film that naturally comes to my mind.

  13. elsanto responds:

    Before we too hastily liken Todd Standing to our dear friend, Biscardi, let us consider one fundamental difference between the two of them: unlike Standing, Biscardi has done something resembling research. What is completely amazing to me is that someone like Todd Standing, on a basis of pure, fictionalized accounts can come to be considered an “expert” and given legitimacy by C2C.

    Ultimately, this is about one thing and one thing only: Mr. Standing’s 15 minutes of fame. Fortunately, the C2C appearance suggests that he’s reached his zenith. Unfortunately, given how long it’s taken to hit zenith, we’re going to have to patiently endure until his nadir.

    CBFRresearcher: “There is a case of Danny Hamilton that is virtually unknown as far as the details are concerned, but by the looks of the blood stains going up a rock face in his film and a freaked out brother of the supposed killed person, it is possible that if you annoy a primate the way he apparently did, you are likely to die… Animal instict overrides when trapped into a corner.”

    I’m sorry but this is like claiming that gorillas are innately hostile to humans because they killed Lord and Lady Greystoke according to Edgar Rice Burroughs (whose work I’ve loved since my near-infancy).

    Just my two cents.

  14. elsanto responds:

    Further to the Danny Hamilton “case”:

    CBFResearcher (sorry for the earlier typo) tells us that the “case” is “virtually unknown as far as the details are concerned”… might one of these reasons not be that Todd Standing’s fictions are not as well crafted as he would like to believe them to be?

    Incredibly, hoaxers who paid more attention to detail didn’t manage to get as far as Todd Standing has… what a fantastic self-promoter he is! Were I jockeying for fame and celebrity, I’d want a manager such as he.

    An added two cents.

  15. CBFResearcher responds:

    Thanks for the comments and feedback.

    I myself am a little more skeptical about the Hamilton story but did see footage of the rock face no animal could climb, other than maybe a cougar. A bear could not have dragged a body up it let alone climb it… The one thing that got me the most is the fact that Todd would not go into any detail on the subject, supposedly at the request of the family and the publicity it may cause. There are, and I use the word “apparently” 4 supporting forest personal, RCMP, and others that got involved in the search for the body and dogs had tracked to a mountain side that there was no way any normal existing animal as we know it that could just basically walk up it. And the was blood marks going up it as if a body was being carried!

    Hopefully more info comes about, but once again, was it an actor I saw in the documentary or was it really the brother of the deceased? I’m going to ask him, but I don’t expect a great deal of answers on this one.

    Will keep everyone posted as I go along on this

    Thanks again for the input.


  16. elsanto responds:

    CFBResearcher… from one Canuck to another: a little poking around local media will yield no reports whatsoever with respect to this case… not from the Globe and Mail, to the Calgary Sun, to the CBC to provincial public broadcasting. Clearly, it’s another of Todd Standing’s fictions, and we can safely say that you saw an actor.

  17. bill green responds:

    hey loren i realy like all the above replys regarding todd standing on c2c. you put a very interesting article here about todd standing on c2c. i talked to todd standing on the xzone last thursday he answered my 2 question very greatly & nicely about sasquatch & his research etc. good afternoon. bill green 🙂

  18. MultipleEncounters responds:

    I’ve thoroughly been through his website several times trying to identify any reference to the hiring of actors. There is none. I’ve also read many of his early writings and have them archived for reference. I have researched this because I see the need for credibility in this field I am now involved in. When someone makes the very public claims Mr. Standing has, then they need to be corroborated or disproved if there is cause.

    If Mr. Standing were at all a serious researcher of any caliber, then the hiring of any actors for any purpose, would have been one of the most important exercises to have been up front about. Instead there is absolutely no mention ANYWHERE on his site, or in his early writings, of hiring actors for any purpose whatsoever. Therefore, going on the assumption that he is pursuing a legitimate research protocol, lack of any such admission would seem to support the premise that he did not hire such actors and we are wrongly assuming this just because a ‘Todd’ somewhere in Edmonton wrote an ad. According to Wikipedia, census counts for the larger Edmonton metropolitan area is over 1 million people. Clearly there are thousands of ‘Todd’s’ that could have placed such an ad and for a multitude of reasons.

    On the other hand, if it turns out that he now were to admit to have hired actors two years ago, then he has just crumbled his own castle, because it confirms that he has intentionally secreted this fact from being disclosed for 2 years. If it turns out he were to admit to this now, then his credibility would be completely destroyed, and it would be entirely by his own words. We would all know that he intentionally kept this information concealed and therefore intentionally deceived the public for more then two years during what was a very organized media campaign.

    Todd Standing, did you hire actors in 2005?

    David Rodriguez
    Springfield, Oregon

  19. MultipleEncounters responds:

    Well, I for one tried to call in, to once-and-for-all resolve this question, but I could not get through and nobody else asked it.

    One day, hopefully Mr. Standing will answer this long-looming question.

  20. john5 responds:

    I need to clarify my previous post. I was referring to Todd Standing’s unreleased latest footage that represents definitive proof and not the footage of the unfortunate mishap with the hunter when I wrote that I would hopefully be able to see the amazing footage! A lesson not to cut and paste in a hurry!


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