Manitoba Bigfoot Footage

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 22nd, 2006

Here is a link to download the footage shot by Bobby Clarke that Loren mentioned earlier today. It is a 3.9 MB download, so be prepared to wait if you have dialup. Also be prepared to be underwhelmed by the footage.

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17 Responses to “Manitoba Bigfoot Footage”

  1. Scarfe responds:

    Wow…..that could be anything. Anything at all. Just a fuzzy, fuzzy, black hole.

  2. Ole Bub responds:

    Much Obliged….Craig….for posting the Clarke video link…

    The most impressive thing I noticed in my best sighting was the enormous mass of the creature….it’s the first thing I look for….in any visual representation, photo or video…it’s difficult to fake 800-1000 pounds of mobile bipedal mass…JMHO

    seeing is knowing…

    Ole bub and the Sheba Dawg

  3. cor2879 responds:

    Tried to download the video but all I get is an audio file… weird.

    I have seen the video before though and I seem to remember not being very impressed. I just saw a big blob that could have been anything. Impossible to tell what the river depth is where that shot was taken. It could have been a man in a suit.

    Don’t get me wrong I believe in bigfoot and alot of other cryptids… I just don’t consider it likely that this is valid evidence. I could be wrong.

  4. Chymo responds:

    “Tried to download the video but all I get is an audio file… weird.”

    You probably need to install some new codecs. I recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack (just google it)

  5. akbens responds:

    Yeah I have to agree with Scarfe. It could be anything and the quality of the film is way less than stellar. I can’t believe that with all the advances in video technology we’ve made that almost every video of a supposed Cryptid looks like crap.

  6. Peaks of Dan responds:

    Craig… ALL I get is the video… try it again!

  7. Chymo responds:

    Please, please, we *must* get some good footage, soon? Now that camera phones & digital cams are coming down in price & becoming ubiquitous!

  8. Annie responds:

    In this case, it’s more the location of the videoed “blobsquatch”, than it is the video itself.

    Although the figure is blurry, it is easy to locate the exact position that the figure was walking. What ever it was, it was walking in 4 feet of water, at a shoreline with no beach…The tree line stops at the waters edge. Although blurry, you can make out that neither it’s thighs, nor hands are submerged in water. I covered this story extensively, and am still in contact with residents of Norway House.

    Bobby Clarke did not sell his video to ACA…He handed it over it to his band council to handle for him, signing over 90% of the rights to them. His intention was for any money earned through the video to be given to the people of his First Nations reserve. Bobby Clarke, personally, earned a grand total of $2000.00 from the video, most of which was paid to him for his appearance on ACA.

    Although interest in the story faded quickly after ACA aired the video, the sightings continued throughout the summer, and well into the fall. A second sighting occurred,involving a group of young girls, walking along a path behind their homes. Footprints were photographed, and hair samples collected. They also found boulders moved from previous positions. According to the girls, the Sasquatch was just standing, watching them. It was early evening, and still light out.

    Sadly, not a single reputable BF researcher traveled to Norway House to investigate.

    Superd is right, the activity has begun again. Vocalizations, spread throughout the area, are again being heard, just as it began last year at the same time. It was because of those vocalizations that Bobby brought his video camera to work with him that day.

    If anyone is interested in reading more about the story, here is one of my articles. The rest are linked to at the bottom of the page.


  9. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Regarding your comment:

    Sadly, not a single reputable BF researcher traveled to Norway House to investigate.

    I am not aware of any reputable BF researcher withing hundreds of miles of Norway House. Norway House is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It is over 500 miles from Winnepeg.

    The sad fact is that there is not any funding for this research.

  10. Mike Smith responds:

    All I could get was audio as well. Is there any other page that we can see it at.

  11. Craig Woolheater responds:

    As A Current Affair has been cancelled, their website is no longer up either. It featured the footage also.

    I downloaded the footage from their site when it was up. The file is an avi file. Some people are reporting that they are only getting audio. Some are only getting video and no audio.

    I do not think that there is any audio. It may be very faint and nearly inaudible.

    My suggestion would be to download the file to your computer and try to open it with apps other than what your browser defaults to. It plays for me with Windows Media Player. Make sure that you have the latest version.

  12. Scarfe responds:

    For those of you without audio, the only audio on this footage is the voice-over by the Current Affair “reporter” with the ominous voice and spooky music, followed by a voice that I have to assume is Bobby Clarke:

    VOICE OVER: “It is an image shot by home video camera – blurry, shaky, shot from hundres of miles away. But this mysterious image in the wilderness has captured the imagination of scientists, journalists, and ordinary people across the globe.”

    CLARKE: “I started recording and I tried zooming in and I…this..I dunno, it didn’t really hit me at first, I guess you could say. All I seen was this figure, and I knew it couldn’t be a man. It’s a little too large to be a man.”

    Then the online clip ends.

  13. Annie responds:

    I suppose you’re right, Craig. The only thing that kept me from heading up there was the cost. I’m not a Bigfoot expert by any stretch, but what an opportunity it was.

    I’ve stayed in contact with a few of the residents up there, and have been told the vocalizations have started again, and almost to the day of Bobby Clarke’s sighting. Also, a group of hunters have recorded the howls, or screams (apparently they were quite high pitched compared to what they were used to last year) on a video camera. A friend of mine who listened to the video said it almost sounded like a woman giving birth…But obviously much louder, and lower pitched. Sadly they didn’t see anything, and from what I’ve been told, nor did they want to!

    Foot prints were also found within the last week, at another location I believe.

    Looks like it’s going to be another interesting summer in Norway House!

  14. scottfar responds:

    First time poster here… found the website while searching for Corwin’s “mystery Yeti” since I missed the show. Have to comment, though. I’m a research biologist…a scientist through and through … I couldn’t see the video – the link didn’t work….and while I’ve only told a couple of people… I had a very similar experience to what you’re describing in the video. About seven years ago (1999) I was on a friend’s large tourist boat up a river in Washington. About 30 other people were on board.. but they were all forward.. I was on the aft deck… we’re heading down river toward the ocean and come around a right-hand bend. At the turning point, we are about 100 yards from the far shore.. and I see someone – presumably a hippie or so I thought bathing up to his/her neck in the river. Splashing, making lots of BIG splashes toward the shore – the person was actually closer to a redhead than a brunette. As we turned the bend the “person” turned and looked, but the hair was really all over the “person’s” face. THEN “it” stood up. and up and up and up… it was HUGE.. at least 7 feet tall – maybe more… and COMPLETELY covered in dark reddish brown hair… the water just cascaded off its entire body. Then it just ran – and even though it was in waist-deep water (for it), and was about 20 feet from the shore… it made three large “leaps” and was on the shore, two more and it was behind some HUGE driftwood logs. It crouched just behind the logs (which were easily 4-5′ tall even laid horizontally) and just peered over the top at the boat (and me). This all happened in about 25 seconds.. and I screamed for others to come and see… asked my friend to stop the boat… I could see the “thing’s” head jetting above the driftwood trees just at the high water mark/right at the edge of the trees.. and it just watched us pull away. No one else, even with binoculars could find it. I KNOW this wasn’t a human – and as a scientist while I WANT to believe and know there’s a chance.. its my only experience with a sighting… I just HAD to tell you this since the video you described (again, I haven’t seen it) was so close to my encounter.

  15. scottfar responds:

    Hello all. Craig was nice enough to give me a link to the video and I’ve now watched it several times. Fuzzier and not as compelling as I’d hoped… to my eyes, the figure never actually moves… when you compare its location to the branches, it does not seem to move side to side (either right or left of the camera angle) nor does it seem to dissapear into the distance… I can def. see where someone could interpret many of the frames as a hominid/primate/bipedal/human-like figure. I WANT this to be good footage… and doubt it is someone in a suit otherwise they would have moved more. I’ll watch the video some more.. but my initial take is that it is a long-distance shot of a black bear repeatedly standing on its hind legs and dropping down, feeding on berries on the bank. Any comments? It is unfortunate that the only video seems to be off A Current Affair.. is there no access to the original? The best thing to do would get a copy of the original and time stamp it frame-by-frame… as I see a figure that appears to “bob” up and down from time to time yet remain basically in the same area – consistent with my hypothesis.

    As to the exact region… I can’t see a river all the way to the treeline.. I see water, then what appears to be a clearly-defined shore area (consistent with high-water marks) that has bushes (berries?)growing at the tree line..and a figure that doesn’t seem to move in any direction other than move up and down. I’m not an expert.. I’m mainly looking for comments here. … remember, this is coming from a guy who just told you he’s seen something he believes is an unidentified biped… so I want to believe.. but I’m skeptical.

  16. scottfar responds:

    Okay, just watched the video several more times.. and admit that whatever it is appears to move slightly to the right in the very last moments (last three seconds or so) but this could also be the camera-holder moving to his/her left OR could simply be a bear dropping onto all fours – moving a couple of feet then standing on its hind legs again… a new patch of berries. Admit that the zoomed-in version is more compelling.

  17. scottfar responds:

    Is the zoomed-in version the same material as the other video or an additional video (that begins after the other video ends) as it seems like the “blob” is actually walking in the zoomed in one.

    Be interesting to get a recording of the vocalizations that have “started up again”… many animals produce vocalizations around mating time – including deer, bears and especially mountain lions (if you’ve ever had a house cat in heat.. image them sized up 20x and the sounds they’d make!)

    Are there other “sightings” of vocalizations by big foots? Just curious. 🙂

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